​East for Russell WestBrook?

By: Opinionated MJ

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Your move Russell!

Why not move to the easy conference and position yourself to run for a championship? If you can land on Boston, Miami, Detroit, Indiana… you could easily compete for a finals berth. The only obstacle in the east is LeBron. That’s it, at least for now. Indiana and Boston look more promising now since free agency has began and they’ve made trades and free agency moves up to this point to add to their teams. Westbrook landing on one of these teams would be golden.

I include my hometown Pistons as well. I’d trade Reggie Jackson in half a heartbeat to land Westbrook and have him in Piston blue. Imagine what the pick & roll would look like with him and Drummond and with all the shooters that would surround both of them. Scary. They would be very scary good. Plus I trust Westbrook’s decision making more than Jackson’s. Jackson would pass too late and try to play hero ball late to makeup for it. We will be better next season as well. Top 5 in the east.

I don’t see what team honestly gives up better assets than Boston without knowing if he stays or not. I can see him dominating alongside Thomas and Co. This would definitely be exciting basketball. It would also allow them to run “super small ball” (yes I made that up) with Thomas & Westbrook in the backcourt and Horford at center. Having Crowder gives them someone to “cover” the unstoppable LeBron when it’s time to put up or shutup.

If I’m Russell, if not the Lakers, then I’m looking east. Easiest path to the finals. I know he’d like to go home, which could prevent a Boston deal depending on how much of a homeboy he is. His loyalty may only reside with Los Angeles. I expect to see Russell play for one of the historic rivals real soon. If OKC is smart, they make the move ASAP so they can retool before the season begins…

Image credits to BamBamBam99!

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2 thoughts on “​East for Russell WestBrook?

  1. Please…. westbrook is a horrible self centred guy well maybe he would fit in right next to Thomas then in boston but dont forget Toronto is no pushover you americans always forget that well when we take the east this year with our all star olympic bound backcourt youll all realize who is to beat… f**k lebron james that big baby hes a little whining baby who cries if he cant get his bottle

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    1. I think Westbrook would be better than Lowry. Definitely. And I’m from Detroit. Us Americans here in Detroit know about the north.. we love Canada and the fans there are very supportive packing our arena to cheer for the raptors. Respect for sure!


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