​Current Landscape of the NBA: Summer 16 (Part 1)

By: Opinionated MJ

Let’s start first by stating the obvious, Russell Westbrook has gone back to the Thunder. It will be OKC for at least 3 more years. I anticipate we’ll see an 2006 Kobe playing. Can’t wait for that. He’s got an opportunity to prove that he can do this all by himself without another star and with good role players. I was saying all last season amongst friends that the team felt like Russell’s anyway. He had that time without Kevin Durant when Durant was injured. That’s when it became his team. Durant didn’t naturally fit in when he came back. He’d get the ball and Iso most of the time. It’s Durant though, he provided another punch scoring wise and provided help for other teammates to have looks. I anticipate the NBA makes this an opening night game. Warriors-Thunder.

I want to talk about this New York team. Are we sleeping on Derrick Rose? Did we not pay attention to his efficiency during the second half of the season? I honestly think Jimmy Butler bricking shots put them out of the playoffs. Enter Carmelo Anthony, scorer. The Knicks have basically created what the Bulls could’ve had if Melo had signed with them minus Butler’s defense. In theory, Porzingis is a young Gasol, they have Noah, Melo, Courtney Lee is playing Butler’s spot, and they have Derrick Rose. Why aren’t we excited about this? Was it Jalen Rose that says we should call them the “Ice Bath Boys”? Lol! Maybe that’s why. I won’t sleep. They’re all hungry.

Let’s switch over to Chicago now since we’re talking about Butler. He now has Wade and Rondo! Crazy! They could resemble a perimeter defense like one employed by the Bron-Wade Miami Heat. Say I’m reaching. I’ll say do your research. All they need is shooters and serviceable backup role players. Maybe some insurance on Wade although I expect the same health from him that he endured this year. Pretty good stretch. Father Prime indeed. Question is, if Rondo dominated the ball, what kind of offense could they run? Top 6 team in the east, top 4 at best.

Next, I’ll talk about the Celtics, Pacers, Pistons and more.

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