​Real Quick: Why the Bulls NEED Chris Bosh

By: Opinionated MJ

I’ve taken a look at Chicago’s roster since they made the Michael Carter-Williams acquisition and I see a team that’s built to drive to the paint without a team being able to stop them from doing so. They’ve got cut & slash options galore. They are the opposite of the Warriors, in my opinion. If Steph, Klay, and KD are the Splash Brothers, then Wade, Butler, and Rondo are the “Slash Brothers”.

The Bulls also have a few players who can stretch the floor. Mirotic, McDermott, and Taj Gibson can hit long jumper and the former two can hit 3’s. Only problem is, they seem really streaky. Sometimes they just seem like rhythm players. 

Enter Chris Bosh.

The Bulls would have a good team that could actually see Bosh as its 2nd option behind Butler, and maybe he would give Bosh the chance to be the focal point of the offense and they play off of him. He can stretch the floor, shoot threes, and play pretty good defense. He would be a godsend for these Bulls who seem to lack a fully versatile big man. Maybe Rondo and Wade will help develop Bobby Portis into some kind of Garnett-Bosh style player. They would know what spots he would need to be in to be successful individually and within the offense. Bringing in Bosh could only help that progression.

Lastly, this move would make them an instant title contender in my eyes. They’d go from being a total wildcard to being a team that could contest the Cavs, as long as they stay fully healthy. They have two champions on their team that are required to help lead teams deep into the playoffs. Bosh would make a third champion. This could really be a move that could shake things up out east. It could be a waste though if Wade, Rondo, and Bosh couldn’t remain healthy.

Come on Pat Riley! Let Chris Bosh go so that he could team with Wade. I doubt he go play with LeBron which is what believed by fans league. He still believes he could be a major player on a team. He’s capable of that when healthy for sure.


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