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By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

How so?

I was the reason why we lost 3-1 to the Warriors. I was the reason why I won MVP and couldn’t win in the playoffs. I was the reason why KD left. I was the reason why Harden was traded, for monetary reasons. I was the reason we haven’t exceeded expectations. I want my MVP! I want my MVP Award! Triple double! Triple double! Why not?

Why did Ibaka get traded? Why did KD not communicate with me that he was leaving? Why didn’t my organization retain Scott Brooks? My organization gave me a max deal. Me, me, me, me, ME!

I averaged a triple double! If anyone else did, they would be a basketball god! I’m not even recognized? You don’t see my drive? My intensity? Why not? Even MJ sees it! There’s no way you could expect me to win alone. You think I’m villainous? You think I’m all about myself? Ok? How so?

Now I sacrifice my game. Now we win without me performing beyond expectations. We have now pieces and still aren’t at full health. We’re the team that will certainly rival the Warriors in the playoffs this year. Why can’t you see my worth on the floor? Why can’t you see I should be considered Top 5? Why not?

I’m a villain because KD left? I’m an alpha, that’s true. KD is being called expletives over there. I just wanted to win. I support my teammates. I ride or die for my team. I am a great athlete rather you admit it or not. Oh, so and so could average a triple double huh? Why haven’t they? Why is it me? Why not?

I have proven that I have grown. I have proven what I’m all about now. Are you watching? Are you only looking at percentages? What about my effect from me being on the floor? What happens if we make the finals? What if I win a championship this year? Why not? Then what will you have to say? What’s next??


By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver)


Let’s go Detroit! It’s very different this year. It’s all because of Dwane Casey, Blake, Drummond, and the rest of the team accepting their roles. This is just the beginning. Just wait till everyone really grows into their roles. Luke Kennard is still hurt and he was trending upward before injury. Helped us win games early while everyone was trying to figure out their roles.

I don’t know the ceiling for us because we’ve got two dominant bigs. I’ve always believed in that formula. Duncan/Robinson, Bynum/Gasol, Davis/Cousins, and now Blake/Drummond. It always yields successful results as long as one member of the duo can stretch the floor. If our wings make timely shots, Reggie Jackson & Stanley Johnson continue to split 3rd/4th option duties, and the rest of the team continue pressing forward and improving… I think we will be a serious problem. Let’s not sleep on the unguardable pace Ish Smith runs at. He does the Steve Nash thing alot as well. If only he had the passing acumen. It’ll be even greater for this team.

I’m not predicting this, but I want to say this.. We will make the playoffs of course, and once we do, if we’re clicking, I anticipate that we could actually make the conference finals. How? Because we already play playoff basketball. Half-court style, slow-grinding, inside-out, basketball. So we will not be shocked when teams focus in. They already have been doing so, at least when it comes to Blake Griffin. They’ve been doubling him ever since he dropped 50. Thereafter, he had a bad game because the scouting report probably began to focus on limiting his space and opportunity to go 1 on 1 cause he’s very strong. That’s when our team began to adjust and then found their shots cause we were shooting horrible early in the season, within the first 10 games. Having Drummond cleanup the boards definitely doesn’t hurt either.

Having Dwane Casey is a big, big deal. It may not be acknowledged until we beat a few other great teams. He’s already recently had the best team in the east, just last year. Fired as a scapegoat for the Raptors. He then accepted a role with our organization just southwest of Toronto. Detroit welcomes him with wide open arms.

The win yesterday was also huge for our city. I just hope those who didn’t make the game made sure that they watched it. That’s about the most packed I’ve seen the new LCA Arena, for a Pistons game. I monitored the tickets all the way up til 30 minutes before gametime and it went from having plenty tickets to only a few in ONE SECTION! I believe we were very close to selling out if we didn’t actually achieve that feat. Great for our city, our organization, and our players. Especially with them being in the heart of Detroit, downtown. Not in Auburn Hills. Downtown Detroit is surrounded by bars, restaurants, clubs, and nightlife, I’m sure it put all the corporates on notice downtown as well who are apart of it. Reminded me of how the gym was packed when we had our “Doin’ Work” Pistons roster with Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Tayshaun Prince, and Richard Hamilton. We had like a 250+ sellout steak. I forget the exact number but I attended about 4-5 games during those years. Very exciting. Loads of energy in the building.

Lookout for the Pistons. Everybody is learning their new roles now. Including the fans. Detroit is full of some of the most passionate you’ll find. This combination will become dangerous once the playoffs begin. Even ESPN showing us love. Watch out NBA!

Photo by @WM13Edit on instagram