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Unsung MVP: Donovan Mitchell

By: Michael Tolliver Jr (Opinionated MJ)

How is it that Nikola Jokic is being considered for MVP, I personally have Steph in there, LeBron is always in there, and Embiid is my #1 for MVP, but many are simply NOT including Donovan Mitchell for MVP? 15 wins over the last 16 games? Spida can’t get any consideration right now although he is apart of the best team in the league? Are we rewriting the narative for MVP right now? Are we considering his teammates? If that’s the case, we need to eliminate LeBron from contention as well. Why won’t you plug Mitchell into this discussion?

Shaq should’ve been enough to put all eyes on Donovan. He has delivered. He’s been seamless alongside Conley this season. Yes, he has Rudy Gobert, and I’ve seen a list that features Rudy for MVP but not Donovan. Steph Curry isn’t even on that list. Validity killed, right? Ha. What is the requirement now? It seems like everyone is all over the place. The typical voters will likely still choose LeBron since AD is playing more like Kevin Love with half a Minny & Cavs jersey on nowadays. It happens when you’re playing next to one of the biggest stars in the game. Unless you’re on the Brooklyn Nets.

He should at least be at #2. If we’re going on “best player, best team” as of right now, Utah is 19-5, Philly is 17-7. Why are we not considering Donovan Mitchell for MVP? I need answers. Are we still stuck on following LeBron’s age, years, and mileage? Are we suprised with a focused Embiid? Are we too in love with the numbers Jokic is putting up? I’ll ask a real question. Are we stuck on assists being the pathway to an MVP? Why pass more when you can score more, that’s my take. If we’re enamored with ball movement, then LaMelo Ball and Steph Curry should be the frontrunners. Yes LAMELO BALL. Let’s not ignore the fact the everyone has totally cemented the mentality that Giannis can’t get another until he can make 3’s and make the finals, although he also doesn’t have a flat out second star like DONOVAN MITCHELL!

Eventually these narratives will turn into harsh truths and won’t be able to be denied. Kind of like Giannis latest MVP award. If you fully remove Donovan from this team, are they #1 in the league right now? Are they looking like a team that can give any team an issue in the West? Did we ignore what happened in the bubble for him? If so, then the entire bubble doesn’t matter.

I think it’s on another level. No one believes the Jazz can take a series from Denver, or any of the LA teams. Is that what is fueling the idea that Donovan doesn’t fit the mold? Too early? Too young? That shouldn’t creep into your mind when you think of him. He’s arrived and he will only continue to get better. I like Jamal Murray, but Donovan has been more consistent this season. It’s time to give him his respect. I could play the seconds a drinking game with this. Would you rather Gobert or PG? Gobert or AD? Gobert or CJ? Gobert or Kyrie or Harden? I personally can’t put a player with another superstar at the forefront of the MVP race. I have many mottos. The one that applies here is that “great players make great players greater.”

Donovan is doing this for his whole team. Take notice before it’s too late and give him his proper respect. #1 in the league.


By: Steven Brown

4 back surgeries including one to fuse his spine. A comment at the Masters champions dinner in 2017 that he would never play golf again. The scandal of all the affairs in 2010 and the embarrassment of getting arrested for a DUI in 2017. Tiger has endured everything imaginable that threatened to keep him from achieving greatness again on the golf course. Little did we know that Tiger was saving his greatest achievement for the Masters in 2019.

Fast forward to 2018. Tiger was back on the golf course not knowing what to expect. Not even knowing if he could achieve a fraction of the greatness he once had. He showed flashes with a 2nd place finish at the Valspar Championship. Later that summer he led at the Open Championship going into the second nine. He didn’t win but it was a taste of having the lead at a Major Championship. Then came the PGA Championship in August where Tiger showed a huge leap in confidence and play when he finished 2nd to Brooks Koepka. Finally, Tiger broke through with his 80th PGA Tour win at the Tour Championship. That win showed that Tiger could again compete with the best and that he could win under the pressure of tournament golf.

Now we finally come to the Masters in 2019. Tiger started the final round 2 strokes back of Francesco Molinari. Molinari has been the model of consistency over the last 12 months. Even midway through the final round, it looked like Tiger was again going to fall short as Molinari kept making unbelievable pars from spots he shouldn’t make pars from. Then came the 12th hole. Molinari hits it in the water and makes double bogey and opened the door for Tiger and many others to win.

The thing that made this tournament more impressive than any I can remember for Tiger was the level of competition he had to overcome to win and the circumstances surrounding his return to greatness. The likes of Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, who are Major Champions in their own right, were breathing down his neck as Tiger came down the stretch but Tiger did not relent. He hit great shot after great shot down the stretch and pulled out the one-shot win.

As a fan and a person who idolized Tiger growing up, this win was so emotional for me. Tiger has overcome long odds and unbearable physical ailments to return to the glory he deserves. I’m so happy and excited for him and I can’t wait to see what he does the rest of the year and beyond. The record of 18 Majors held by Jack Nicklaus seems like it could be in reach yet again for Tiger. All that has happened has proven to me that Tiger once and for all is not just the greatest golfer of my generation, but that he is the greatest golfer of all time.