‚ÄčEast for Russell WestBrook?

By: Opinionated MJ

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Your move Russell!

Why not move to the easy conference and position yourself to run for a championship? If you can land on Boston, Miami, Detroit, Indiana… you could easily compete for a finals berth. The only obstacle in the east is LeBron. That’s it, at least for now. Indiana and Boston look more promising now since free agency has began and they’ve made trades and free agency moves up to this point to add to their teams. Westbrook landing on one of these teams would be golden.

I include my hometown Pistons as well. I’d trade Reggie Jackson in half a heartbeat to land Westbrook and have him in Piston blue. Imagine what the pick & roll would look like with him and Drummond and with all the shooters that would surround both of them. Scary. They would be very scary good. Plus I trust Westbrook’s decision making more than Jackson’s. Jackson would pass too late and try to play hero ball late to makeup for it. We will be better next season as well. Top 5 in the east.

I don’t see what team honestly gives up better assets than Boston without knowing if he stays or not. I can see him dominating alongside Thomas and Co. This would definitely be exciting basketball. It would also allow them to run “super small ball” (yes I made that up) with Thomas & Westbrook in the backcourt and Horford at center. Having Crowder gives them someone to “cover” the unstoppable LeBron when it’s time to put up or shutup.

If I’m Russell, if not the Lakers, then I’m looking east. Easiest path to the finals. I know he’d like to go home, which could prevent a Boston deal depending on how much of a homeboy he is. His loyalty may only reside with Los Angeles. I expect to see Russell play for one of the historic rivals real soon. If OKC is smart, they make the move ASAP so they can retool before the season begins…

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Real Quick: Wade to Cleveland?

By: Opinionated MJ

Let’s welcome Kevin Durant to his new team and move forward. Let’s make quick work of what I think will happen in the fallout from this deal.

I personally believe Dwayne Wade will join the Cavs. Straight to the point. He and LeBron are in vacation now, watching everything happen and of course you know they’re talking about it. It affects them as well as every other team in the NBA. The arms race I mentioned in the “Decision II” post is already underway. New York is already forming done strength with their team. They’ve recently added Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings. We all know the lower tier players, specialists, and garbage men will find a way to join the Warriors (Zara Pachulia has become their new center already), the Cavs, the Celtics, the Spurs (Pau Gasol), Knicks, and possibly the Heat if Wade is retained.

With the offer Miami gave Wade, I can see him having a valid reason to go elsewhere. Why waste a year or more wasting your body away not competing for a championship? I don’t think it would be smart to stay in Miami unless Bosh turns up healthy or if they can replace Johnson and Deng. The Cavs also need to replace Mozgov and Delly. Why would LeBron let them go without a plan in place. He keeps who he wants around. J.R. Smith is also potentially going to sign somewhere else if the money is right.

With this short information, I can believe the door is open for Wade to join Cleveland and compete with the Warriors for a ring. I expect he will sign with Cleveland. Muscle vs muscle. What better story for the NBA? I’ll end this by also stating that we need to be on Russell Westbrook watch. He will get traded. If Kevin left without consulting Russ then he is truly cold. If he did, then I’m sure the plan was for them both to exit. Maybe they’ll meet again.

I expect to see Warriors-Cavs III next June. Can’t wait for the new season!

“The Decision II featuring Kevin Durant”

By: Opinionated MJ

Oddly, I believe that these last few hours will serve as a calm before the storm. I expect Kevin Durant to change the landscape and odds of the NBA by deciding to sign with the Golden State Warriors. Yes, the same Warriors I expected to win the championship. Congrats to LeBron! I doled out a lot of venom in his direction and he delivered. I’ll save him for another post. Now, why would Kevin Durant sign with Golden State? It’s almost written on the wall.

I’ve heard things like, “Kevin Durant has personal relationships with many of the Warriors players.” Then I think about articles I’ve come across where the Warriors players were quoted saying things like, “I don’t know why they want him here.” Of course that’s a valid statement, but so is this… WHO WOULDN’T want Kevin Durant on their team? KD on the Warriors would change the Western Conference and make the Warriors even stronger. Now, this doesn’t guarantee a championship but it does guarantee that they’ll be a contender for years to come, if he signs a deal longer than 1 year.

Why should KD waste another year in OKC with Russell if their destiny is uncertain? Who knows what to make of the Oladipo/Ibaka deal? I see it as a step back due to how they were able to handle the Warriors in the conference finals. When they were up 3-1, they were playing like champions and I actually thought they would put the Warriors away, then Klay Thompson happened. With that said, imagine a lineup with Steph, Klay, Dray, and KD. It’s like a fantasy video game. That roster could only be obtained by forcing trades on the offline mode on NBA2K. LOL! Who wouldn’t expect this team to win? This leads me to his other options that he’s already broken down to 2 teams (OKC & GS).

He met with the likes of Miami, Boston, San Antonio, and the Los Angeles Clippers. He decided to turn them all down and left the Warriors as an option. In San Antonio, there would’ve still been the issue of consistency with the bench players, mainly Danny Green and Patty Mills. There would’ve been the questionable production from Manu, Tim, and Tony. Why go somewhere with so many question marks and with a Big 3 past it’s prime? Of course there would be a new Big 3, but LaMarcus doesn’t want to play center and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to see his touches diminish. Nor would Durant.

Miami would’ve been a good option.. if Chris Bosh was healthy. We can stop there with the Heat. The Clippers seem to be plagued by the usual “Clipper Curse”. They can’t ever stay healthy enough to make noise beyond the 1st and 2nd round of any playoff. PERIOD! At this point, health is a problem during the regular season for them. Then you have Doc Rivers who may have too strong a handle on things for KD’s liking. So he scratched them off the list as well.

Boston would’ve been a great place to land especially after Al Horford decided to sign there. KD would’ve easily become the #1 option and the leader of the team and they would’ve been strong enough to get to the NBA Finals. I only say that because we don’t know what Cleveland’s final roster will look like. Delly is already gone, so is Mozgov. Would they get the same production out of their aging vets? Would LeBron take a baby step back? Would Kyrie want to have more say on how things are dictated in the offense considering he did what Russell couldn’t do? Yes, in my opinion, the Thunder lost that series because Russell wanted to put out the fire that is Steph Curry all by himself. He wanted to take the credit. He wanted to be able to boast and be able to do it while still in the series. He’s matured as a player and as far as his knowledge of the game, the pacing, and getting his team involved, but he has to keep his ego in check until the job is done. The only time that it’s done is when you’re already hoisting up the Championship trophy and on your way to receive a championship ring. He’ll be better next season (Westbrook) but will the Thunder mesh fast enough? Will the offense be efficient enough to produce better results than what happened this past season? That is where things get gloomy for me.

This boils it down to joining a team that already has continuity and is very unselfish in Golden State or going back to Oklahoma and jousting for the #1 option spot with Russell Westbrook. I expect that Steph Curry wouldn’t care to be #1 option with KD in the fold. He didn’t care for a finals MVP Award, he didn’t force anyone to vote him unanimous MVP, and he didn’t say anything that would suggest he receive the hate and backlash that he did from fans of rival teams and from his peers in the NBA. Crazy how success is followed by criticism and hate. Too squeaky clean? I guess everybody is used to the Kobe story or how LeBron made himself a villain by joining the Heat. No one likes things that are too good to be true because they don’t see that in themselves. Truth. They don’t want to see the squeaky clean look of KD on the depth chart of the Golden State Warriors either, and I’m sure if he makes the decision to sign there, the anger and hate will follow, the media scrutiny, the rumors of locker room issues, and everything that comes with being a super team will follow. It more recently happened to the Lakers, Celtics, Heat, and Cavs super teams. Why wouldn’t it in this situation right?

I think KD would’ve already made his decision if he were going to stay in OKC. With that said, I expect when we wake up, maybe in 5 minutes he’ll decide, maybe late tomorrow night, that Durant will have joined the Golden State Warriors. If this happens, expect an NBA arms race like you’ve never seen before. Expect LeBron to recruit Dwayne Wade. Expect San Antonio to make a move along with various other West Conference playoff teams. Expect a crazy offseason that’s already been crazy to begin with!

Happy Birthday To Us!

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