Real Quick: Wade to Cleveland?

By: Opinionated MJ

Let’s welcome Kevin Durant to his new team and move forward. Let’s make quick work of what I think will happen in the fallout from this deal.

I personally believe Dwayne Wade will join the Cavs. Straight to the point. He and LeBron are in vacation now, watching everything happen and of course you know they’re talking about it. It affects them as well as every other team in the NBA. The arms race I mentioned in the “Decision II” post is already underway. New York is already forming done strength with their team. They’ve recently added Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings. We all know the lower tier players, specialists, and garbage men will find a way to join the Warriors (Zara Pachulia has become their new center already), the Cavs, the Celtics, the Spurs (Pau Gasol), Knicks, and possibly the Heat if Wade is retained.

With the offer Miami gave Wade, I can see him having a valid reason to go elsewhere. Why waste a year or more wasting your body away not competing for a championship? I don’t think it would be smart to stay in Miami unless Bosh turns up healthy or if they can replace Johnson and Deng. The Cavs also need to replace Mozgov and Delly. Why would LeBron let them go without a plan in place. He keeps who he wants around. J.R. Smith is also potentially going to sign somewhere else if the money is right.

With this short information, I can believe the door is open for Wade to join Cleveland and compete with the Warriors for a ring. I expect he will sign with Cleveland. Muscle vs muscle. What better story for the NBA? I’ll end this by also stating that we need to be on Russell Westbrook watch. He will get traded. If Kevin left without consulting Russ then he is truly cold. If he did, then I’m sure the plan was for them both to exit. Maybe they’ll meet again.

I expect to see Warriors-Cavs III next June. Can’t wait for the new season!


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