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Villainy V: The Reaper

Photo credit: Connor Ernst


By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

For some reason, everyone hates you. You really could’ve been a Blazer but that wouldn’t have resulted in Lillard being a sure thing for your team. Everything would’ve been different. It is what it is. You could’ve stayed in OKC, only to still have to worry about being trusted in moments that decide games, albeit, by your own teammate. Burner account? So what. What they fail to realize is that you’re all basketball. That is the very thing that I respect the most.

They decided that your path to prominence wasn’t the path usually traveled. Everyone is upset because you lost after being up 3-1 and going to the team that beat yours. Well, Ray Allen cried on the podium and wanted to be coddled by management in order to return. Then, HE WENT TO MIAMI! You left. You allowed Russell Westbrook to spread his wings. The team traded away Harden and Serge anyway. Cheap perspective, if you ask me. The funny thing is, they thought less was more but those two players were key when fighting against the Spurs, Mavericks, Lakers, and Warriors. Even the Clippers and Grizzlies at the time as well. Hell, the entire conference. No way that it would’ve been an easy road to stay while the team kept sending away the very assets that swung a series.

You set out with direct sights on taking out LeBron. That’s a road that’s not traveled at all. Only you. Your desire to win was burning blue and you didn’t see Golden State as a legacy busting move, but a legacy setting one. You were right in your decision, at least to me. It will only be magnified as the years continue to pass. Everyone only looks at you and that team with ultimate fear. Haven’t really felt that since Jordan played. Even had people not wanting to think about playing you. IYKYK

They wanted you to stick it out alone or with Russ. That’s cool. I see it differently. Especially as a Kobe fan who endured going through the Achilles injury with him as well. I’m happy as hell you made the decision you did. To win. To dominate. You worked for those rings by approaching the finals with one goal in sight. You could see it in your eyes and body language. I seen it. Meanwhile, it seems everyone was caught up in saying to went to a 73 win team. The roster was not the same. That statement is not accurate. Also, you were up against LeBron. You WON! Was it fair when Bron, Wade, and Bosh teamed up and beat you for their first championship? Let me not get the trolls riled up by hitting them with facts.

I could only imagine what you were feeling when the general wouldn’t crown you as the best player in the world. I watched you instill fear in many. I watched you give an interview and go from 25 to damn near 50. You had a switch. I hope you still got it. It’s time to shut everyone up once and for all.

The most recent noise has been around your podcast. Kyrie this, Kyrie that. Everyone knows that you two are lock step. They’re now unloading pressure onto you two. For me, simply making it to the finals would be enough. You decided to come to the east thats full of fully grown players entering their primes, some still just outside of it by a year or so. Giannis, Ben Simmons, Embiid, Siakam, the Heat, Celtics, and I’ll throw the Magic in there because I think they’re a superstar away from truly fighting in the east. Right now, you’re the villain of the league. You’re the main attraction. I hope that you come back at least 85-90% of what you wre before you left. 100% would just simply be unfair. It’s time to take the NBA back to the morgue and remind them that you are the Slim Reaper. Rather you like that name or not. Embrace it.

‚ÄčLeBron is Now Hilariously 3-1 Trolling the Warriors

Photo from LeBron’s Halloween party

By: Opinionated MJ


Historically speaking, it never happened before. The man that had a hand in it is now turning what was a meltdown for the Warriors into a possible place to draw motivation from. No problem right? Well, he’s motivating the opposition. His newly minted rival, the Golden State Warriors. Why provoke them if they’re supposed to have potential to be all powerful, offensively? Why give them a focus while they also work on gelling together? I think LeBron has a right to do it but why add to what’s already plastered all over the internet anyway? Not to mention how funny alot of the jokes are about them losing a 3-1 lead. 

The Warriors aren’t anywhere near firing on all cylinders. They aren’t meshing fully yet at all. That’s to be expected this early in the season. They will gel as more calamity happens. More dire situations. Although they have individuals able to save them everytime. It’s currently the team play that is hurting, not their superstar play. Not in the slightest. They could definitely work on infusing more defense into their rotations. I’ll give Kerr a little more time to. I do see new plays he’s running with this offense.

Getting back to LeBron, he’s been trolling them for quite some time now. Nothing hits harder than the Ultimate Warrior shirt that he had on after winning the title. He was doing it in his own way. With more originality. I like this though, cause it lets his fans know that he’s been playing attention to everything on social media. Definitely gives them more initiative to keep the memes and jokes going on and on.
I mean, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant both have “3” in their jersey. 
They play for 1 team. 



3 & 1. 


The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

Even more trolling from LeBron James via @kisskhalia_ ! Hahahaha!