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MoNeYBaLL 51 NBA Podcast: Big Man Reign

Featuring Opinionated MJ

Villainy V: The Reaper

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By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

For some reason, everyone hates you. You really could’ve been a Blazer but that wouldn’t have resulted in Lillard being a sure thing for your team. Everything would’ve been different. It is what it is. You could’ve stayed in OKC, only to still have to worry about being trusted in moments that decide games, albeit, by your own teammate. Burner account? So what. What they fail to realize is that you’re all basketball. That is the very thing that I respect the most.

They decided that your path to prominence wasn’t the path usually traveled. Everyone is upset because you lost after being up 3-1 and going to the team that beat yours. Well, Ray Allen cried on the podium and wanted to be coddled by management in order to return. Then, HE WENT TO MIAMI! You left. You allowed Russell Westbrook to spread his wings. The team traded away Harden and Serge anyway. Cheap perspective, if you ask me. The funny thing is, they thought less was more but those two players were key when fighting against the Spurs, Mavericks, Lakers, and Warriors. Even the Clippers and Grizzlies at the time as well. Hell, the entire conference. No way that it would’ve been an easy road to stay while the team kept sending away the very assets that swung a series.

You set out with direct sights on taking out LeBron. That’s a road that’s not traveled at all. Only you. Your desire to win was burning blue and you didn’t see Golden State as a legacy busting move, but a legacy setting one. You were right in your decision, at least to me. It will only be magnified as the years continue to pass. Everyone only looks at you and that team with ultimate fear. Haven’t really felt that since Jordan played. Even had people not wanting to think about playing you. IYKYK

They wanted you to stick it out alone or with Russ. That’s cool. I see it differently. Especially as a Kobe fan who endured going through the Achilles injury with him as well. I’m happy as hell you made the decision you did. To win. To dominate. You worked for those rings by approaching the finals with one goal in sight. You could see it in your eyes and body language. I seen it. Meanwhile, it seems everyone was caught up in saying to went to a 73 win team. The roster was not the same. That statement is not accurate. Also, you were up against LeBron. You WON! Was it fair when Bron, Wade, and Bosh teamed up and beat you for their first championship? Let me not get the trolls riled up by hitting them with facts.

I could only imagine what you were feeling when the general wouldn’t crown you as the best player in the world. I watched you instill fear in many. I watched you give an interview and go from 25 to damn near 50. You had a switch. I hope you still got it. It’s time to shut everyone up once and for all.

The most recent noise has been around your podcast. Kyrie this, Kyrie that. Everyone knows that you two are lock step. They’re now unloading pressure onto you two. For me, simply making it to the finals would be enough. You decided to come to the east thats full of fully grown players entering their primes, some still just outside of it by a year or so. Giannis, Ben Simmons, Embiid, Siakam, the Heat, Celtics, and I’ll throw the Magic in there because I think they’re a superstar away from truly fighting in the east. Right now, you’re the villain of the league. You’re the main attraction. I hope that you come back at least 85-90% of what you wre before you left. 100% would just simply be unfair. It’s time to take the NBA back to the morgue and remind them that you are the Slim Reaper. Rather you like that name or not. Embrace it.

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MoNeYBaLL NBA Podcast Episode 33: Off the Cuff

Featuring Opinionated MJ

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The Tragedy of Kevin Durant

By: Opinionated Reezy (Ronald Stovall Jr)

Two-time NBA champion, two-time NBA Finals MVP, two-time Olympic gold medalist, six-time All-NBA First Team, eventual first ballot Hall of Famer and still seeking happiness. This is Kevin Durant and his tale is a tragic one as we watch it unfold in the NBA.

This is not a post discussing all the reasons why I believe Kevin Durant should be happy. I believe one should pursue happiness, but not that things and/or accomplishments cause or create it. Despite the recent moves over the past three years, Kevin Durant began to really be critical of his past landing spots and how, in some ways, he truly felt about his situation and those commenting on it.
The latest occurrence was the response to Magic Johnson who questioned where Kevin Durant would find happiness if he didn’t get it at Golden State. To quote, Horrible take. Just regurgitated bull—“, but was it really?

For starters, KD is not wrong in some of his assessments, especially when it comes to the fan base and media overall. The culture that fosters itself on memes, jokey-jokes, and reactionary analysis would make anyone believe they aren’t as good or in position for greatness as they should be. That said, he was relatively shielded by the bulk of the responsibility and criticism until he brought the attention to himself as the fan base provided conceivable justifications for his actions and even noticed his skillset enough to place him the greatest in the league category.

Even those who have been critical of Kevin Durant moves still hold respect for him as a player. That is more than can be said for other players in the league. There is no doubt that KD is a rare talent, so what could be the problem?

We haven’t seen this public display of vitriol in the player movement era from the actual player making the moves. This leads me think that KD may be dealing with a mild form of depression. I am not a doctor nor am I pretending to be one, but the signs are there, such as:

– Constantly switching positions on issues from an emotional perspective

– Going through the motions of how he perceives happy or satisfied people would respond to situations

– Never feeling connected or a part of the group

– Establishing multiple disconnected reasons why decisions are made

Therefore, after some thought, getting out of the limelight of Golden State and going to Brooklyn was the right move for him. While the definitive expectation at Golden State was to win no matter what, the expectation of Brooklyn fans would primarily be to contend. They are going to embrace him for the fact that he is there.

I have been specifically critical of Kevin Durant’s actions, but go back and look at the first paragraph. I am not harping on his failures, only his success. Like Kawhi, I have no need to continue past criticism unless pushed to do so and I hope the NBA community follows suit.

We know that mental illness is a part of the NBA, despite their ability to detect it, and while I would never call for soft glove treatment on an athlete, I believe we need to be mindful that these players are people and some are not in position for the thoughtless ridicule and comparisons that we heap on them. Its probably time that we chill and appreciate the game for what it is.

In Defense Of Kevin ….. Sometimes You Must Trust Your Instincts

By: Ronald Stovall Jr (Opinionated Reezy)

We all are coming off an emotional game, what should have been a close out game for some, the triumphant return game for others, but nonetheless a dynamic game!

I am an observer of people, I watch trends and behaviors and while there was prolonged timeline in this finals drama there was no excitement for the Warriors, no change of momentum, no concern for the Raptors. What was as a matter of fact was a necessary win, but for the wrong reasons! A hail Mary win to save the respect of the player who is Kevin Durant.

I have gone on record for not being a fan of Golden State, but I have gone on record for emphatically stating that I still respect what they do, but not today, at least not last night.

I heard the “..put your body on the line” comment from Steph Curry and it felt empty to me. I know with every fiber of my being he is concerned for Kevin Durant and he must be the Elder Stateman, but sometimes you need to tell the people how it is.


This entire series the Golden State organization played the will he, won’t he game like this is the WWE and I grew disheartened, first at the disrespect being thrown at the Toronto Raptors with the long standing (L)Eastern Conference narrative, but then at Kevin Durant as I could imagine if there was a chance he could play he would have played early, pushed it, locked it up and moved on to pop the bubbly. Not all injuries are equal, not all bodies are equal and sometimes you must trust your instincts!

Yes, I was on record for going hard on Kawhi Leonard for the exact opposite, but that was after a year of therapy, a couple of attempts on the court during the regular season, multiple doctor visits, etc, etc. I stand by that and I stand by this, the Golden State Warriors as an organization screwed Kevin Durant because their pride wouldn’t let them go down.

I still stand by my stance on the way in which KD went to Golden State. It was a weak move that is unmatched and incomparable to anything else that has been done, despite the revisionist that are out there; however, he is a multi-time champion and I hate seeing anyone go down like that!

They may win in 7, although I doubt it. I don’t see the energy in them to push the Raptors to the brink, but if they do, this will be the one ring I, if no one else, will put an asterisk on. This is the one win that will be a pyrrhic victory if they are lucky enough to get it. It didn’t happen in the heat of battle like Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys where he was healthy going in and suffered the injury where you can rally behind his toughness, even in a loss.

This one was avoidable!

This one was unnecessary!

Y’all don’t need Kevin to win right?! Prove it then! Win or lose put it all on the table for your tarnished legacy, KD just literally gave you everything for it.

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Will the Rockets Dethrone the Warriors?

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

Rematch set.
Rockets healthy? ☑
Warriors hobbling? ☑
Warriors without rest? ☑
Rockets focused? ☑

Game 1 will go to Houston unless KD has another big game in him. Of course he does. Then it will be about limiting the others. I watch plays. It’s something hard to do but easy to do when their rotation players are in the game. I hope Kerr is gameplanning cause the Rockets will be a threat to take the first 2 games, easy. Especially if Klay isn’t ready to go.

James Harden, defending MVP. Will he be able to be effective and get his teammates involved while also scoring big and in bunches? He’s still the player who gets the most calls. Imagine Draymond or Kevin getting 2 early fouls. It’ll be like the 2016 finals all over again.

Is Steph healthy enough to help Kevin force wins at home? That’s what this will be all about. The Warriors MUST protect home court or they will be in trouble. No other way to put it. If they drop any game and give away momentum, then we will see an upset. That will open up the entire league to a new champion. It doesn’t guarantee the Rockets anything. Just revenge. The Rockets need to control their emotions in this series. That’s the only thing I see as a problem. It won’t be easy.

Can’t wait to see it all unfold. I expect 7 games unless Durant has about 4 40 point games in him, ready to go. That could actually be Kerr’s plan with Steph hobbled a bit and Klay hurt to begin the series. Not a bad plan.

ViLLaiNy iii

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

How so?

I was the reason why we lost 3-1 to the Warriors. I was the reason why I won MVP and couldn’t win in the playoffs. I was the reason why KD left. I was the reason why Harden was traded, for monetary reasons. I was the reason we haven’t exceeded expectations. I want my MVP! I want my MVP Award! Triple double! Triple double! Why not?

Why did Ibaka get traded? Why did KD not communicate with me that he was leaving? Why didn’t my organization retain Scott Brooks? My organization gave me a max deal. Me, me, me, me, ME!

I averaged a triple double! If anyone else did, they would be a basketball god! I’m not even recognized? You don’t see my drive? My intensity? Why not? Even MJ sees it! There’s no way you could expect me to win alone. You think I’m villainous? You think I’m all about myself? Ok? How so?

Now I sacrifice my game. Now we win without me performing beyond expectations. We have now pieces and still aren’t at full health. We’re the team that will certainly rival the Warriors in the playoffs this year. Why can’t you see my worth on the floor? Why can’t you see I should be considered Top 5? Why not?

I’m a villain because KD left? I’m an alpha, that’s true. KD is being called expletives over there. I just wanted to win. I support my teammates. I ride or die for my team. I am a great athlete rather you admit it or not. Oh, so and so could average a triple double huh? Why haven’t they? Why is it me? Why not?

I have proven that I have grown. I have proven what I’m all about now. Are you watching? Are you only looking at percentages? What about my effect from me being on the floor? What happens if we make the finals? What if I win a championship this year? Why not? Then what will you have to say? What’s next??

MoNeYBaLL Episode 19 NBA Podcast

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MoNeYBaLL Podcast: Episode 17 featuring NilClassic & Opinionated MJ

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By: Opinionated MJ

Let’s say KD wins another championship this upcoming year? I think he’d stay with the Warriors for another year. That’s what makes logical sense, right? If he’s actually trying to compete to surpass LeBron. There’s also the chance that he matches LeBron and then goes to LA and teams up with him. Whoa, watch out league! There’s also another scenario. One that’s not talked about as much as others. Especially since the media has Kyrie in the spotlight in regards to what I’m about to say… Going to The Big Apple to play for the New York Knicks.

This alone could restore KD back to good graces in the eyes of many. Then again, what if those same Knicks became a superteam with him arriving? What if Kyrie joined a few days before? Would that still make KD look like he wants an easy road? It’s not the Golden State Warriors. So it can’t be that he’s chasing rings at that point. He’d also have new rivals. I’m sure the Celtics would still be strong. Maybe Kawhi stays a Raptor. The Sixers, Bucks, Pistons, and Wizards continue to be mainstays that continue to develop their youth and become much stiffer competition knowing that KD could come dominate the conference. They will fight to alter that. It could result in some battles that we’ve not seen in the east since the late 80s and 1990s.

This move would immediately disarm the Warriors. It may also allow for their competition to knock them off the throne. They’ll be fine knowing that they made it to the top before KD came which gives them hope if he was to leave. There’s a part of me that thinks DeMarcus Cousins is insurance for KD in case he leaves anyway.

The real question is this. New York City! Mecca! Are you all willing to accept KD coming from his situation in Oakland and coming to your team and taking you back to the playoffs? Does his past choices matter? Does his personality matter? Dumb questions? Well. What if KD comes there and fails? Will you boo him? Call him a snake? Say that he’s garbage and can only win with a superteam? Will you bury him just as quick as you would embrace him? We know NYC is tough as they come. If KD didn’t win in year 1, would you still love him? I’m only asking this cause Porzingis got booed when he was drafted. Personally, I think KD would be a great fit for the Knicks, with Fizdale, Porzingis, Knox, Mitchell Robinson, and the looming opportunity to also acquire Kyrie Irving. The culture has indeed changed.

Things are finally looking good again for New York. We need NYC back amongst the NBA’s elite team. I expect to see the Knicks progress towards that, this year! Good luck in the KD sweepstakes!

Kevin Durant To the Lakers 2019? Hear Me Out

I think Kevin Durant Matches LeBron’s Ring Total, Then Decides To Play Alongside Him.

By: Opinionated MJ

In the famous words of his ex-teammate Russell Westbrook, “Why Not”? I think that once we learned about the failed phone call LeBron made to KD, I believed that it potentially still had the makings of some type of team up down the road. We seen them hanging out shortly after. Let’s play in fantasy land a bit. We didn’t hear real news about KD just slamming him with a thunderous “NO”, so why not believe that maybe he told him he’d team up after he matched him? Food for thought!

KD could leave the Warriors, go to the Lakers and still maintain focus towards the following season once he becomes a Laker. The motivation will be simple: “Steph, Klay, Dray… They have 4 rings. I have to surpass them and take LeBron with me”. This could set KD up to usurp LeBron and the Warriors all at once. You defeat LeBron in the finals 3-1 individually. Then, you defeat the team you beat LeBron with, but this time you do it WITH LeBron. At least to the tune of 1 Championship more than them for all-time. LeBron’s ring count is elevated because of you after you eviscerate whoever is on the opposite team and you become the reason why LeBron got closer to Kobe and Jordan in ring total. Maybe even surpassing them both.

This really could be the only way Durant receives the level of acceptance that could keep him from continuously taking shots at random people on Twitter. Laker fans could defend him if he brought titles to LA. This could also go down as one of the greatest stories in NBA history. Beat the mighty Warriors and potentially have another showdown with their bitter rival, the Boston Celtics. This would be great theater, great history, and great for basketball.

Think about it.

NBA Overload (Stats VS Effect): MoneYBaLL Episode 3

By: Opinionated MJ & NilClassic

Stats vs Effect

LeBron vs Kobe

Tim Duncan

And everything NBA!

Enjoy and thank you for the support!