Happy Birthday To Us!

It’s been a full year since I began the blog. I’ll begin by celebrating this moment cause two years ago it was an idea. Last year it became reality. This year I’ll be expanding this to the audio side of things with multiple podcasts and by getting out my opinion (and hopefully other writers if I can find any). I do have a team lined up for the podcasts. Always open to hear from anyone who wants to be apart of the movement. Thank you for all the readers who took their time to read my opinions. Again, this site and my motto is to go against that of typical popular opinion from other media outlets and by trying to bring another side to things. Join us as we continue to get better, grow, and bring more debates, topics, and news to you!


-Opinionated MJ


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Us!

  1. i enjoy reading your blog best blog for basketball! you said you would do this and here islt it is, so proud of you! Podcasts i can’t wait!

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