An Unstoppable Play: LeBron 37, 10 & 10

By: Opinionated MJ

A game 1 loss to the Pacers has everyone up in arms LeBron. The media is on you harder than ever. I’m on you as well but I see the greatness you possess. Don’t hang your head, don’t hang your body, it’s time to kick it into overdrive and win by any means. You’re expected to get out of the east by many. We’ve come to expect this because when was the last time you didn’t make the finals? 2010? This is why you’re greatness is measured this way. You’re actually being measured against yourself this time. Everyone is screaming decline. I’m thinking, “it’s time”.

37, 10 & 10.

This is what I think you need to average throughout the playoffs just to make it to the finals. In the event that you make the finals, you’ll need to dial it up. 42, 12 & 7. Something close to what you did with Kyrie alongside you those last two finals appearances. Right now, you have to play this playoffs like you don’t have Kyrie and Kevin Love, like the 2015 NBA Finals.

37, 10 & 10.

That’ll get you by the Pacers. I don’t expect Victor Oladipo to continue the exact same tear. That doesn’t mean someone else won’t step up. The playoffs is about an X Factor. Let’s focus on yours. It’s actually YOU. You’re the star, the prominent scorer, and the X Factor. I would expect you and Kevin both get up 20-25 shots a game. Give yourself the opportunity to excel in this moment because this is what we expect of you now. I believe your talent, basketball IQ, and knowledge of the game can propel you over all of this adversity.

37, 10 & 10.
Strive for greatness.


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