West Coast Folders: Part 1

By: Opinionated Reezy (Ronald Stovall)

For all this talk about the west being the tougher conference the first team to fold is….


Honestly Im not surprised and don’t even start with all this talk about scheduling. The Blazers are the number 3 seed in the west and couldn’t win one game, ONE! Pathetic.
Its time to do two things:

1. Change the Trailblazer logo to a dustpan

2. Break up the entire roster and start over

Last year the excuse reason was that Portland was without Jusuf Nukic, despite the fact that Golden State was without half the team, including the coach. This year Rajon Rondo just went to town. No, how about Portland is not built for the Playoffs. They are a Regular Season ready. They will peak mid-season and get everyone excited and then fold just in time to give a real team a warm up for the real playoff round.

Now I have respect for Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum and let’s face it. RaSheed Wallace didn’t win a chip until he left so here is my advice. Do what he did:

• Go to Detroit – They would love you!

• I will admit, Cleveland may get bounced in the first round too, but they fought. Don’t listen to the analyst, come to Cleveland, you and LeBron would make magic happen

• Go to the Lakers, Hell everybody else is apparently.

Either way, its ok to pursue a championship.

Now this isn’t all about Portland, but the west because this fallacy about the tougher conference has got to stop. It is the more popular conference yes. A tougher conference would suggest longer series between the teams fighting and clawing for position, not absolute, but in general. Not lopsided victories like we are about to see.

My one rule for a team in the playoffs is that you should win ONE game; otherwise, you shouldn’t have been there to begin with. That is absolute. Watch the board as the week progress and then watch for part two….


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