Real Quick: Zion IS NOT LeBron

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

Zion IS NOT LeBron! It’s a good thing.

Can we please stop the narratives? I’m calling out major media analysts. Zion isn’t even in the NBA yet. Yes he has great upside. Yes he is 285 and looking like a Mack Truck Train when going to the rim. Why are we comparing a college player to a legend already?

Let’s allow him the opportunity to be himself. I told myself that I’ll do my best to not say players this year “look like this player or that player”. Zion isn’t even the flat out #1 draft pick for 2019. I actually hope they all stay at Duke for 2 years. Why not 3? Run the tables on collegiate basketball and come to the NBA fully polished with your athleticism and skill and NCAA championships under your belt.

Does Zion primarily pass? No. LeBron does. Does Zion command the offense? Right now? No. He’s another really great cog in the entire scheme of things at Duke. Is Zion self proclaiming himself to be the next Jordan or LeBron? No. 90 million Nike deal waiting for him? Maybe. That’s the closest he’ll get to LeBron. So let’s let go of the natives. We’ve got alot of basketball to watch from him.

Zion is the next Zion. The only Zion. Even his name stands alone to me. He will be himself and no one else. He will impact whatever team he goes to immediately. The NBA pace is designed to allow him to hit the ground running. It all depends on where he lands. He’s played 1 game and a bunch of exhibition games. He just made it to college, so let’s enjoy the full ride from this. Since when have we started comparing collegiate athletes to 16 year veterans in the NBA? Well I guess Kobe & LeBron were. Let’s take the initiative to allow him to be who he is and fully embrace him as Zion. Let’s also hope he doesn’t get drafted by the Cavs. Sorry Cavs fans. We don’t need anything else to continue this narrative.

Good luck Zion. Can’t wait to see you in the NBA.


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