Suns Should Go After Anthony Davis

Article By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

Devin Booker. Deandre Ayton. Kelly Oubre. Anthony Davis. I can see it all coming together for the Suns with this deal. They will still need a point guard to relieve Devin from those duties unless he actually transforms into a point guard that can get his team fully involved and can be a heat-check type of point guard. Maybe if he had a good facilitating 2 or 3. Something like what Draymond Green is to the Warriors but slotted at a different position. Only matching in skill.

The fact that they’re in the tough Western Conference is what still makes it seem impossible for them to have a breakthrough meaningful enough to break into any of the 8 playoff seeds now or in the near future unless they make a really big move like this. I’m not sure what assets they have that would actually convince the Pelicans that they’re the team to make a deal with. Honestly, I don’t think Davis is getting moved until his contract year. If I’m Phoenix, maybe I make a move on draft night depending on if they could land Zion Williamson or not.

The question then becomes, Zion or AD? If I’m the Suns, it’s gotta be AD because he’s a veteran presence. If I want to have a foundation of youthful players that would grow together, I’ll keep Zion. He proves to be an explosive problem and would be great next to Ayton so he wouldn’t get pushed into playing small-ball center.

Be on the lookout for Phoenix. A reality like this could actually be on the horizon once the lottery balls fall and it’s time to see who has the #1 pick. Good luck Suns. You’re going to need it in the wild wild west.


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