In A Melo Mood II

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

I thank the basketball gods. I thank you Melo, for staying ready and staying focused. I’m a huge fan. I grew tired of the narrative. I grew tired of the media. I’ve been waiting to see you have the opportunity to prove everyone wrong. We live in the land where second chances are abundant. What a time to be alive to see you playing, starting, contributing, and it has even awarded you the Player of the Week honor over Luka Doncic and James Harden.

I still don’t know the truth of what happened in Houston. I could see you being instrumental in helping put the Warriors away after KD went down. Instead, you were at home. They needed more scoring. More heat check players. Harden always seems to fold in big moments. I don’t see you not talking a shot for the final 8 minutes, 5 minutes. I don’t see it. It’s not who you are. You’ve always gone down fighting.

You are the only player who wanted to go to the Knicks and try to bring them to prominence. To me, your only career mistake was not waiting for your contact to run out before you went to NYC. You guys would’ve been a powerhouse. Considering the Big 3 Celtics and Heat were around, Kobe was still around, Spurs, the sudden ascension from the Mavs in 2011, and the fact that you were only awarded one star level talent in Amare Stoudamire, and later Jason Kidd, you still made due with what you had. You made Shumpert & JR Smith look better than they’ve ever looked. You fell short against Indiana before Roy Hibbert decided to go fishing individually.

I’m happy to have you back and I’m sure the fans are as well. I’ve been watching. I’ve been hearing the chants. Most importantly, I’ve been watching you close. Keep it up! This game is about efficiency now. You are still a perfect fit for this game. All because you have a jumper than never evades a man. I got tired of hearing “Marshmallow”. I’m so happy to see you in shape and taking the bull by the horns. Much success to you Melo. #RipCity


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