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MoNeYBaLL Episode 19 NBA Podcast

Featuring NilClassic, Steve, and Opinionated MJ

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Listen to MoNeYBaLL NBA Podcast Episode 19 Featuring Steve, NilClassic, and Opinionated MJ by Opinionated Media #np on #SoundCloud


By: Opinionated MJ

Let’s say KD wins another championship this upcoming year? I think he’d stay with the Warriors for another year. That’s what makes logical sense, right? If he’s actually trying to compete to surpass LeBron. There’s also the chance that he matches LeBron and then goes to LA and teams up with him. Whoa, watch out league! There’s also another scenario. One that’s not talked about as much as others. Especially since the media has Kyrie in the spotlight in regards to what I’m about to say… Going to The Big Apple to play for the New York Knicks.

This alone could restore KD back to good graces in the eyes of many. Then again, what if those same Knicks became a superteam with him arriving? What if Kyrie joined a few days before? Would that still make KD look like he wants an easy road? It’s not the Golden State Warriors. So it can’t be that he’s chasing rings at that point. He’d also have new rivals. I’m sure the Celtics would still be strong. Maybe Kawhi stays a Raptor. The Sixers, Bucks, Pistons, and Wizards continue to be mainstays that continue to develop their youth and become much stiffer competition knowing that KD could come dominate the conference. They will fight to alter that. It could result in some battles that we’ve not seen in the east since the late 80s and 1990s.

This move would immediately disarm the Warriors. It may also allow for their competition to knock them off the throne. They’ll be fine knowing that they made it to the top before KD came which gives them hope if he was to leave. There’s a part of me that thinks DeMarcus Cousins is insurance for KD in case he leaves anyway.

The real question is this. New York City! Mecca! Are you all willing to accept KD coming from his situation in Oakland and coming to your team and taking you back to the playoffs? Does his past choices matter? Does his personality matter? Dumb questions? Well. What if KD comes there and fails? Will you boo him? Call him a snake? Say that he’s garbage and can only win with a superteam? Will you bury him just as quick as you would embrace him? We know NYC is tough as they come. If KD didn’t win in year 1, would you still love him? I’m only asking this cause Porzingis got booed when he was drafted. Personally, I think KD would be a great fit for the Knicks, with Fizdale, Porzingis, Knox, Mitchell Robinson, and the looming opportunity to also acquire Kyrie Irving. The culture has indeed changed.

Things are finally looking good again for New York. We need NYC back amongst the NBA’s elite team. I expect to see the Knicks progress towards that, this year! Good luck in the KD sweepstakes!

NBA Outlook: One Month In

By: Opinionated MJ

Well well, how the mighty have stumbled. Both the Warriors and Cavs came out of the gate stumbling over their own feet. We just seen LeBron have to drop 57 in a performance that exhibited his paint domination, especially when you don’t have a rim protector. You need that to beat LeBron. We’ve seen the Warriors lose to teams that are truly suiting up to take their best shot at them. They didn’t get it together until they played the Spurs this week. We’re about 4 weeks in.

The surprises of the first month to me are the Clippers, Magic, Celtics, Pistons, and Grizzlies. They’ve all come out and have tried to set a tone for the beginning of the season that they can only build upon. No one expected the Grizzlies to be putting on such a strong start. Especially out west. The Pistons sat atop the east for a second, so did the Magic. Extra shocking indeed. The Clippers have shown what their new culture is since they’ve moved on past being “Lob City”. They seem to be more about ball movement and defense all while playing through Blake Griffin. Lastly, who would’ve thought that the Celtics would’ve endured the loss they suffered in the first game to Gordon Hayward? They’ve run off on a win streak, including a huge comeback against the OKC Thunder. Their youth along with Kyrie Irving and a surprising start from Al Horford have carried them along.

My early picks for MVP are Giannis Antetokounmpo and Russell Westbrook. Giannis is leading by far with me giving the other nod to Russell because of his willingness to incorporate his teammates while still very closely averaging a triple-double, again! Giannis came out the gate like a man on a mission. Maybe Kobe challenging him to become MVP has given him a straight path in the focus department. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s in the east and because of it he can surely attain this feat if he continues this trend. He’s got to land his team in the top 2 seeds out east and top 5 in the NBA and he’ll receive my vote.

My early vote for Rookie of the Year is Ben Simmons with Jayson Tatum following behind him in second. I’ve got Kyle Kuzma as my sleeper. He’s sneaky good and even reminds me of Kobe sometimes. Guess it just cause he’s a Laker. It’ll be interesting to see what November will bring us. October was a bad month. Numerous injuries, bad starts to strong teams, and slow beginnings to some big name rookies.

My pick for Most Improved Player is clearly Kristaps Porzingis. No argument at this time.

I’ll provide more insight on these topics and more in the next podcast. Be on the lookout for that.

Hello November! Don’t forget to set your clocks back!

ViLLaiNy ii

By: Opinionated MJ

ViLLaiNy ii


You gave your all to an organization who didn’t bring in any real talent during the time you were alone. You had a losing record and faced multiple injuries during this time. You were on the up and up, improving the team and having an improving record as each season passed. You thought that you were the man. Apparently everybody was too busy hoping for the hometown kid to come home. Although you won an All Star MVP award and was considered one of the best scorers of our game, you simply weren’t enough in the eyes of many.


You think that you’re about to be able to recruit. You’ve been given the keys by management and the build upon the 30+ win season begins. It is the East right? Everyone’s wondering will you sign. You finally decide that you will. Then someone who believes you’re a better 2 guard at this point than the man they’re leaving behind decides to come back home. All the acclaim you’ve built up. The style of play you’re accustomed to? Gone in a split second the moment the hometown kid came back home from school, early. He already achieved greatness. In my eyes, he seen you as someone he could use to help him propel his town to it’s very first championship. It’s on!


You’ve inherited the best player in the game and now he expects everyone to listen, learn, and follow suit. Some of you are still used to your style. Some were confused as to why the draft pick was traded that would’ve improved team defense and been someone who would’ve developed under two great players. The tweets begin when the team runs into friction. The ability to just take a back seat, sure. Why not? He did win without you? Right? HE needs you NOW! Fit in!


You show that you have what it takes to help him get over the hump against all the little challenges of the East. Skating to the finals like it’s a roadmap you’ve always known. You just didn’t have the team around you to do it. Round 1, round 2, round 3, and you’re down. He’s alone and he fights his hardest but comes up short. Everybody needs somebody. They thought you would be a great defender on the Golden Boy. They thought that your handle, your skill, and your ability to shoot, close, and simply get to the rim would’ve been enough without another piece that went down in Round 1. They were wrong. You were needed now more than even because the rest simply wasn’t enough to get it done with the best in the game right now. The King.


You’re back. You’re in the same position as last year. You take a couple hits first, land one, and then get a haymaker. You look down and out but then there’s some scuffling. It opens the door a bit. The light is out. You score in barrages. Contested, uncontested, demolishing defenders trying to make a name for yourself in this capacity. Your first full Finals visit. You’re in control of the ball, Robin, the #2, the one who can’t do it alone! You’re the one to carry us to the promised “Land”. We never knew you were capable of this? Or was that a farce? You’ve got MVP in front of you. Who cares about the conditions? You shoot… silence falls.. You score! Dagger! The likes we’ve seen from Kobe and Jordan before you! Let’s not forget about Ray Allen, Robert Horry, and even Steve Kerr and Paxson to name a few more. Where do you fall in amongst those that have made big shots? They proclaimed you better than the MVP, the Golden Boy. BETTER! You earned it. The best player in the game calls you a god! What can be sweeter?


The season begins and you flash the ring! Smiles everywhere. Things intact to outside eyes. If only you could now take the reigns the same way the reigns were handed to your partner in crime. I watch you want more and more and be looked off plenty. I watch you fall against competition without your partner in the game. I watch you play around people who have no chemistry without him because, well, it’s all about him. The only remnants left from your 3 years is the player that was drafted alongside you. Nothing is yours. You don’t have a say, you don’t have the keys. You don’t have a primary role, you’re secondary at best? You make it again, to the promised land. This time, there’s someone else who’s jousting for the #1 spot. He’s your opponent this time. Where do you fit in? No time to think about that. They’re throwing punches, two jabs and an uppercut. You take your deepest breath collectively as a team and come out of the corner throwing like we’ve not seen in this battle yet! It looks promising. Looks like last year! No. Wait. It’s a loss. You’re not wanting to stick around if your partner is gone. You’re appreciative of being able to be here with him on this journey you two have been on. You’ve been wanting to be the focal point but even that was highlighted in the final moments of game 5. You were blamed. Others? Well, they did their job. Did you do yours?


There’s rumblings about last year after the championship. Trade. Trade. There’s the same rumblings again. Then on draft night, the public has been put on notice that a deal was on the table to move you? Yes! YOU! The one who brought the hometown King a hometown ring. The one who knows how to break down opposing defenses with control of the ball. Then days later, you ask out, privately, appropriately. Soon after, news breaks out: “Irving asks for trade.” Why? You don’t want to play with the best? You think you’re better? You think you can win without him? You never had a rinning record Kyrie! You never amounted to anything alone. You’re nothing but a solo failure. You’re nothing but a product of your environment, in my eyes. You’re becoming a man. Sports analysts ask questions, other players question your motives, your drive, your mentality. They say you’re a big baby, you’re spoiled, you’re stupid, you’re lost, you’re crazy, you’re never going to amount to anything alone. They always told you to do what people said you can’t, right? You’re your own man. You don’t need to ride coattails, you don’t ride a wave. You were the final wave. You held your own in the Finals. You proved your worth in series prior to entering the final round. Your ability to score propelled your teammates and gave them relief on the offensive end. Sometimes so much that they became ineffective. That was your fault. Ball hog. You’re crazy to want to leave! Who do you think you are?


You’re spotted on a plane singing. You’re mocking? The former MVP of the league is taunting, but you’re in the picture. Fully guilty by association, forget the Golden Boy. You set this up! You had to! News is coming out that you didn’t talk to teammates for a month. Rumors come out that you’re a bad teammate. You’ve got an attitude. You’ve got a disrespectful side. You believe that someone released the information. Your partner. What if this was all the plan? What if it’s not? No one has thought of it that deeply. You know, that you didn’t want to play here without him. We’ve not heard from you. Many see your perspective. The Ex-GM, teammates, etc. Who cares what you think any longer? You’re traded! Goodbye


Press conferences. First Take appearances. People trying to decode your verbiage. Trying to find out if you’re leaving cause you don’t want to play with him. You don’t like him? What went wrong? You don’t even mention his name the entire time. Not you. People assume and speak for you. You put out your video after the trade. Didn’t mention him. You mentioned wanting to become a complete player. Wanting to become a point guard. Wanting to have control of your destiny. Wanting to become your own man. The headline. Not just some footnote, no matter how important you were. You didn’t want to be page 2. Page 2 only features the part of the article that wanes into obscurity. The headline receives the first of everything. Why couldn’t you eat the scraps? You want the big piece of chicken now? Ok Kyrie. Ok.


You’re back like you never left the team cause your first game is at your old home. You’re looking focused, ready. Game on! It’s finally underway! We’re going to settle the score tonight! We won’t have to wait for the playoffs. Wait… No. NO! You’re #2 is down. Your #2 is down and out. He’s done for the season. Everything is in a flux but somehow you all come together. Brand new to one another, you all form a will to play for your fallen brother. The offense was off, the defense can focus on you and be dishonest. You come back. You have the last shot again, right wing going towards the corner against your ex-partner you didn’t want to continue on with. This is your moment. It’s up! Silence… You miss. The criticisms ensue. You came up short! See, you can’t win without him! You don’t amount to anything without him! No go cry in the car about everything. About leaving. About losing your #2. About losing the game. You had the chance, it was in your hands in game 1. Who gets to prove themselves as soon as they set themselves into a new position? A new situation? Who gets that chance?

Villain, you’ve become. The story of the Villain is always undone. Untold. One day you just wake up and you’re the bad guy. Wanting to be a man. They wanted you to remain a boy, a child, a peasant, a servant. They wanted you to be the personal assistant to a King. They now see you as a kid. They wanted you to be the 2 in the 1, 2 punch when the conversation arises. They wanted you to be left in ruin if he decided to leave. They wanted you to settle into your role until HE thought it was your time. Tomorrow isn’t promised. I respect your decision. First they love you then they hate you, then they’ll love you again. It’s life. Especially the life of a villain.

Kyrie Irving Traded: MoneYBaLL episode 4

By: Opinionated MJ



Kyrie Irving finally gets his wish!

Expectations of the new look Celtics & Cavs

Isaiah jerseys being burned. Why

LeBron and his new look Cavs.

How both new teams match-up to GS.

Will LeBron still leave if Cavs come up short?

Stephen A. Smith, please stop giving passes…

NBA Overload (Stats VS Effect): MoneYBaLL Episode 3

By: Opinionated MJ & NilClassic

Stats vs Effect

LeBron vs Kobe

Tim Duncan

And everything NBA!

Enjoy and thank you for the support!

Far Fetched? LeBron, Melo, Kyrie, Dwight in Cavs Uniforms Next Season


By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver)

Oh he’s so stupid! This would never happen! Wait, this could become a reality. I know Stephen A. Smith and others have actual sources and agents and personal relationships, true. I’m just a lifelong NBA fan with a passion for the game. I love this game! I’ve been watching these players, these storylines, and I’ve come to this imaginative idea! The prerequisite though is Cleveland not making it to the NBA Finals. I don’t think they actually will. So why not Extend some careers and give a champion LeBron James some players with hunger and individuality enough to be able to flourish with him at the head of the group? Yes! LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving, and Dwight Howard all teaming up to chase after an NBA Championship, IN THE LAND!

It can’t be too far out of reach with the cap growing, with Kevin Love’s huge contract and with Tristan Thompson’s huge contract. It’s setup to actually happen. We all know the story that’s developing with Carmelo Anthony. Rumors are swirling that he might actually waive his trade clause and move on from NY. Kevin Love could be the piece to go back to NY in this deal and Love’s contract would actually help this become much more of a reality. I believe Cleveland may also want to move Shumpert, maybe not back to NY but maybe in a separate deal to free up more cap space. This move would make it where LeBron doesn’t have to worry about taking big shots from outside so much or at least free him up in those areas with a true floor stretcher being there in Carmelo Anthony. I trust Carmelo more to score in a LeBron system than I do Kevin Love. Kevin Love needs to be at least a second option to be effective. I make this deal quickly!

Dwight Howard could come to the Cavs straight from free agency or with a sign and trade deal that sends Tristan Thompson to the Rockets. I’d honestly try to keep Tristan if I were to acquire Dwight though. That could be a really formidable defensive and rebounding duo if they mesh well together. I’d also make sure that Timofey Mozgov is my backup. The depth they could instantly possess would be nicer than it is now depending on how the rest of the team takes shape. I’m sure either JR Smith or Shumpert would be sacrificed in one of the deals. Looking for roster stability, I may get rid of JR Smith but that may hamper their shooting ability a bit. They should look to acquire a defender at the shooting guard position that can also stretch the floor and occasionally create his own shot.

This NBA offseason is sure to be a crazy one, especially if the Warriors repeat. I don’t think the NBA is ready to wrap their heads around that reality and we will see some major moves made in order for someone to be able to honestly compete against the Warriors. Someone has to have the will and potential to be blessed with a chance to actually win. What makes things worse is the potential for the Warriors to land Kevin Durant in free agency. I would keep the team the way it is right now, though, and add another role player or 2 and continue forward. This team needs to maintain its pecking order to continue to be successful.

Golden State has a team that can compete at a high level, as constructed, for another 2-4 years without making any major changes. I’ve seen Steph Curry cross LeBron, KD, Westbrook, Chris Paul, and others. This leads me to believe that he is currently unguardable. I also believe that Golden State is not playing their best ball currently. Yes, the 59-6 Warriors are NOT playing their best ball. They haven’t fully stepped into their individual potential as a TEAM. Barnes hasn’t fully shown his current potential, Iggy hasn’t either, nor has Bogut. This team is designed to mix and match with any team in the league on any given night and at any given time. Whoever can defeat this team is blessed. So unseating them may take something like this to happen. Surround LeBron, Melo and company with shooters and defenders and watch them make some magic happen.

Lineup 1-5:


  1. Kyrie (Scorer, although he needs to pass more and improve on defense)
  2. JR/Shumpert/Anonymous (honestly doesn’t matter as long as they can produce)
  3. LeBron (back to his “natural” position and best position to facilitate and attack from)
  4. Melo (stretch 4)
  5. Dwight (Rim protector)


That could be a nightmare for anyone especially if LeBron still distributes the ball to everyone in a half Rondo-like fashion. This means he will basically have different guns to play with at all times and be able to explode himself. You can’t double team any one man without the other having an advantage, period! I also think bringing in two players who are truly hungry to win a championship would make them buy in immediately and turn the Cavs into a clear favorite not only in the east but in the entire league. The only problem that would remain is guarding the Splash Brothers. LeBron, I’d make this one happen for The Land if you want to bring a championship to Ohio. This might be the only way. The only thing better is to land Kevin Durant in place of Melo. What are the chances of that happening? Then maybe Westbrook for Kyrie the next season? Let’s stick with this story first. Kevin Garnett said it best, “ANTHING IS POSSIBLE!” Your move LeBron!


Rambling Thought: Camelo Anthony for Kevin Love Makes Sense

Rambling Thought: Camelo Anthony for Kevin Love Makes Sense


By: Opinionated MJ 

January 3, 2016

Sure, another Melo for Love article. These teams are in need of something that each other has, so why not? This is basically getting almost what you already have back in return. The difference is the Carmelo shoots big buckets that LeBron has shied away from or would need as a weapon should he simply not be able to get an easy bucket. Let’s not mention LeBron’s horrendous 3pt percentage. Love’s rebounding would be something that could benefit the Knicks, he can also score but he needs to be a part of the overall plan as the #1 option with Porzingis creeping up fast as his stock continues to grow in NY. So LeBron gets a sure scoring big 3, Knicks get a player that can be #1 option and do more for that team in particular. Carmelo would be a welcome in Cleveland, unless Shumpert and JR honestly don’t like him. What could it really mean with LeBron being the Cavs franchise anyway. We’re near the anniversary for his last dealings, so why not this one?

I think Cleveland succeeds as a defensive team. It allows them to contend with the West. Deli and Tristan made them formidable defensively as they fought against the Golden State Warriors. Add Carmelo, proven scorer, and a healthy Kyrie Irving with this mix. Mozgov, Smith, and Shumpert are still there, so they have a good big and guards off the bench. We’ve seen what Mozgov can do when he showed flashes in the finals. Carmelo and Mozgov are a 2 for 1 Chris Bosh combination. Melo could provide the stretch and post presence, Mozgov could provide decent shooting, rim protection, and a post presence. Anthony is who LeBron is missing. He may be well in a similar role to Wade’s, after he decided to let LeBron be #1 option, willingly. Having a 1A, 1B, and 1C is what would make this scarier. It also helps Irving, James, And Anthony with minutes to help them preserve for the playoffs and for their careers overall. LeBron needs more veterans with experience, championship experience. Of course Carmelo isn’t the one with championship pedigree, yet, this could actually be a better team with him.

We know the types of scoring Carmelo could do, imagine it with the “team” mentality James plays with. He’s there when Irving is doing his thing. He could finally sit back and watch his vision come to fruition. The way LeBron wants Kevin to play is where Carmelo thrives. James could pick his spots having Melo on the floor and really serve as another attack off the ball. I think LeBron would be a great off the ball player. Irving isn’t 100%-point guard, he’s more like a shooting guard. If these three could share amongst themselves better than the Heat did early on, they’ll be a sure bet to make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially the Finals. What you think? I say this deal works for both.