Rambling Thought: Camelo Anthony for Kevin Love Makes Sense

Rambling Thought: Camelo Anthony for Kevin Love Makes Sense


By: Opinionated MJ 

January 3, 2016

Sure, another Melo for Love article. These teams are in need of something that each other has, so why not? This is basically getting almost what you already have back in return. The difference is the Carmelo shoots big buckets that LeBron has shied away from or would need as a weapon should he simply not be able to get an easy bucket. Let’s not mention LeBron’s horrendous 3pt percentage. Love’s rebounding would be something that could benefit the Knicks, he can also score but he needs to be a part of the overall plan as the #1 option with Porzingis creeping up fast as his stock continues to grow in NY. So LeBron gets a sure scoring big 3, Knicks get a player that can be #1 option and do more for that team in particular. Carmelo would be a welcome in Cleveland, unless Shumpert and JR honestly don’t like him. What could it really mean with LeBron being the Cavs franchise anyway. We’re near the anniversary for his last dealings, so why not this one?

I think Cleveland succeeds as a defensive team. It allows them to contend with the West. Deli and Tristan made them formidable defensively as they fought against the Golden State Warriors. Add Carmelo, proven scorer, and a healthy Kyrie Irving with this mix. Mozgov, Smith, and Shumpert are still there, so they have a good big and guards off the bench. We’ve seen what Mozgov can do when he showed flashes in the finals. Carmelo and Mozgov are a 2 for 1 Chris Bosh combination. Melo could provide the stretch and post presence, Mozgov could provide decent shooting, rim protection, and a post presence. Anthony is who LeBron is missing. He may be well in a similar role to Wade’s, after he decided to let LeBron be #1 option, willingly. Having a 1A, 1B, and 1C is what would make this scarier. It also helps Irving, James, And Anthony with minutes to help them preserve for the playoffs and for their careers overall. LeBron needs more veterans with experience, championship experience. Of course Carmelo isn’t the one with championship pedigree, yet, this could actually be a better team with him.

We know the types of scoring Carmelo could do, imagine it with the “team” mentality James plays with. He’s there when Irving is doing his thing. He could finally sit back and watch his vision come to fruition. The way LeBron wants Kevin to play is where Carmelo thrives. James could pick his spots having Melo on the floor and really serve as another attack off the ball. I think LeBron would be a great off the ball player. Irving isn’t 100%-point guard, he’s more like a shooting guard. If these three could share amongst themselves better than the Heat did early on, they’ll be a sure bet to make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially the Finals. What you think? I say this deal works for both.


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