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MoNeYBaLL 52 NBA Podcast: Steph 62

By Opinionated MJ

Warriors Still Not Finished

… Warriors Still Not Finished

By Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver Jr)

I’m still high on the Warriors thanks to last season. They’ve gotta add key pieces to seal it. They’ve got shooters, a big now, Steph & Dray healthy, Wiggins who’s overlooked in this current situation.

Maybe they fold, but I think something anew unfolds. The Spurs suffered similar fate. Injury to Robinson. Later, injury to their core 3. They were able to plug in pieces and adjust roles.

I just don’t like the negativity and everybody already calling it a wrap. Now if Steph went down, that’s different. Even then, Dray, Wiggins, Wiseman still sounds interesting to me.

Steph, Klay, Wiggins, Wiseman…
EP off the bench…
Bowman, Chriss, Lee, and the shooting squad.
They drafted shooters as well.

They need to plug in players that have pieces of Klay’s game.

Steph MUST elevate them the same way Tim Duncan did his teammates. Late in the careers of the Spurs run of greatness, it became, Mills, Danny Green, Kawhi, etc. Even Tiago Splitter was elevated by Duncan, Pop, the culture, the system.

This era of fans of the league is so… Super team, LeBron-KD, Lakers-Boston, and whatever, that they forget the Detroit’s, the Dallas’, the San Antonio’s… Actual culture, system, and organization is slept on.

Warriors in a good space. Deal with it emotionally, and let’s get ready. Everyone else is putting teams together for 4 year runs. Some just for 2. Rockets just literally did 1. Warriors been putting this together since what… 09? Organic. You don’t run from that.

Wiseman & Wiggins are VERY key. Could change everything.

They say the league caught up? Cool. Change and succeed another way, like the Spurs. Dynasty/Legacy in play.

Get well soon Klay.

MoNeYBaLL 45 NBA Podcast: Come Back Like Jordan

By Opinionated MJ

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MoNeYBaLL 45 NBA Podcast: Come Back Like Jordan

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Gold D-Lo

By: Michael Tolliver Jr (Opinionated MJ)

THANK YOU Bob Myers for letting everyone know, “We have no intention of trading D’Angelo Russell.”

I feel like this organization has something hidden up it’s sleeve with this move. Both parties wanted each other in order for this to have even transpired. You lose KD but get back DLo? I’ll take that every time. He walked away from OKC for nothing.

Y’all once said “light years”. Still have a great chance of proving it true. I anticipate Steph will take a pay cut next time he can re-sign which will continue to extend the life of this group.

It’s crazy how everyone is so focused on trying to dismantle this team by throwing around all this “dynasty” talk but last time I checked, the Spurs had Duncan, Ginobli, Parker, and successfully built around them over 15-plus years in totality. Their greatness wasn’t only determined by the 5 titles, but the longevity. I think the warriors deserve the same respect.

The silenced haters don’t want to see this team gel, mesh, and succeed with D-Lo. So they think the front office will banish him away for WHOM exactly?

I don’t see any intelligent individual giving up Giannis, Kawhi, KD, LeBron, PG, or any franchise player for D’Angelo Russell. Steph IS the franchise player here. No need for another. Honestly, no one outside of the untouchable players on opposing teams would fit with the Warriors either. My personal fit would be for Jokic, but Denver isn’t sending Jokic to Golden State. Get real. D-Lo will become the 3rd Splash brother. Fifth technically, if you count KD & Boogie as Splash past.

Can’t wait to see it all come together for this team with the West being bolstered with talent this off-season. I didn’t mention the acquisition of Wille Cauley-Stein and the sleeper news of Kevon Looney being retained. He’s becoming a better player. We seen that in the finals. He may have developed into a double double guy that can defend the post well. I’m sure this roster will still make another signing or two, no matter how big or small.

In my view:

  • Klay will become KD (more touches)
  • D’Angelo will become Klay (offensively that can create off the dribble better)
  • Steph gonna Steph like crazy
  • Draymond will forever be the glue that continues to find ways to be better at holding everything together

DubNation has got to be sitting back laughing while the world expects their team to not only successfully integrate Russell, but also miss the playoffs entirely.

In Defense Of Kevin ….. Sometimes You Must Trust Your Instincts

By: Ronald Stovall Jr (Opinionated Reezy)

We all are coming off an emotional game, what should have been a close out game for some, the triumphant return game for others, but nonetheless a dynamic game!

I am an observer of people, I watch trends and behaviors and while there was prolonged timeline in this finals drama there was no excitement for the Warriors, no change of momentum, no concern for the Raptors. What was as a matter of fact was a necessary win, but for the wrong reasons! A hail Mary win to save the respect of the player who is Kevin Durant.

I have gone on record for not being a fan of Golden State, but I have gone on record for emphatically stating that I still respect what they do, but not today, at least not last night.

I heard the “..put your body on the line” comment from Steph Curry and it felt empty to me. I know with every fiber of my being he is concerned for Kevin Durant and he must be the Elder Stateman, but sometimes you need to tell the people how it is.


This entire series the Golden State organization played the will he, won’t he game like this is the WWE and I grew disheartened, first at the disrespect being thrown at the Toronto Raptors with the long standing (L)Eastern Conference narrative, but then at Kevin Durant as I could imagine if there was a chance he could play he would have played early, pushed it, locked it up and moved on to pop the bubbly. Not all injuries are equal, not all bodies are equal and sometimes you must trust your instincts!

Yes, I was on record for going hard on Kawhi Leonard for the exact opposite, but that was after a year of therapy, a couple of attempts on the court during the regular season, multiple doctor visits, etc, etc. I stand by that and I stand by this, the Golden State Warriors as an organization screwed Kevin Durant because their pride wouldn’t let them go down.

I still stand by my stance on the way in which KD went to Golden State. It was a weak move that is unmatched and incomparable to anything else that has been done, despite the revisionist that are out there; however, he is a multi-time champion and I hate seeing anyone go down like that!

They may win in 7, although I doubt it. I don’t see the energy in them to push the Raptors to the brink, but if they do, this will be the one ring I, if no one else, will put an asterisk on. This is the one win that will be a pyrrhic victory if they are lucky enough to get it. It didn’t happen in the heat of battle like Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys where he was healthy going in and suffered the injury where you can rally behind his toughness, even in a loss.

This one was avoidable!

This one was unnecessary!

Y’all don’t need Kevin to win right?! Prove it then! Win or lose put it all on the table for your tarnished legacy, KD just literally gave you everything for it.

Photo Credit: European Press Photo Association

S. T. E. P. H. (For Your Legacy)

(David J. Phillip / Associated Press)

By: Michael Tolliver Jr (Opinionated MJ)


Listen Steph,

I usually write articles with “timeless” in mind. Not articles for the day. This time, today can be huge and could still prove timeless. Mark today, June 5th, 2019. This can be the day to never forget. It’s all in your hands Steph. The NBA world is focused on you tonight. I don’t care if it’s box and 1, triangle and 2, circle defense, doesn’t matter. I’ve been a staunch supporter of yours. I know what you’re capable of and it’s time for the world to see it in its highest form. No KD? Okay. Potentially no Klay? Even better. Only for one reason: It’s time for you to etch your legacy in stone.

Your legacy is great:

3 championships in 4 years.

5 straight finals appearances.

2 MVP awards.

A Unanimous MVP Award – which put you over every single player in the entire NBA. Not just whoever made it along with the two finals teams.

It’s time to put on more than a show from the tunnel or half court during the pregame. It’s time to take it up two notches. At least for this ONE game. I don’t care if you have to shoot 20 for 60 to get 45, as long as its a win. It would be best if it was one of your usual demoralizing displays but I respect the Raptors and their players. They’re very defensive. DESTROY THEM.

It’s time for you to be the Sun for whatever team steps on the floor with you tonight Steph. Put your team in position to win and take this game. You only get this ONE shot. ONE bullet. Best sniper ever. You’ll need some handguns and automatics for this game. Full arsenal must be on display. Passing, shooting, movement with and without the ball.

I want to see you play bigger than the moment. This could very well be more important than winning a finals MVP on the way to another championship. It could redefine who you are in the eyes and minds of many. FOREVER.

Photo credit: David J. Phillip /Associated Press

Jordan III (Kawhi and the Raptors)

By: Michael Tolliver Jr (Opinionated MJ)

First there was Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Then Kobe Bryant. Now there’s Kawhi Leonard.

Yes, Kawhi Leonard. Playing like another Jordan type. I could actually make a case that the team he plays for houses another key element that Jordan had alongside him in Scottie Pippen. That man is Pascal Siakam. He went from averaging 6.9 PPG last year to averaging 17.3 PPG. Also he was shooting 22% from 3 to shooting 37% from 3 this season. He’s been beyond instrumental on defense. He made the Scottie Pippen jump. Plain and simple. Year 3.

Back to Kawhi. He was traded from the Spurs to the Raptors, after being accused of skipping the year and qutting on his team. The excuse was injury, and we can visibly see he might’ve been worried about playing on that injury last year shortly affect it occurred. Maybe he needed to have a longer healing time. It created tension within the Spurs organization and made Kawhi fall from many Top 5 active lists rather it was from media or fans alike. That was an overreaction. Simply put. Did anybody pay attention to what Danny Green said about the situation? I guess not. Believe whatever you want.

Now we’ve seen Kawhi have a heavy hand in taking out 2 of the 3 other good teams in the east. The Orlando Magic were not to be a worry at all. They took 1 game and couldn’t adjust to the Raptors adjustments. In round two, Kawhi put away Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, AND Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers. That’s huge and heavily overlooked. He iced the entire series with a friendly bounce game winning shot. Luck? Then he took down the giant Giannis and his supporting cast that looked unstoppable heading into the Eastern Conference finals. Coincidence? There would’ve been no need to see them play the Celtics, the only other team that I considered strong enough to contend for a championship. They house many internal issues that Kawhi & the Raptors would’ve fully exposed, maybe even worse than Giannis did. Let me repeat, HE SLAYED THE GIANT, GIANNIS!

Now this round is for everything. Much on the line on both sides. Let me first admit, I’m a Warriors fan. I’m also a Kawhi fan. I know how that sounds. I didn’t believe in the Raptors until they got rid of DeRozan. I didn’t believe they could get past the Bucks and Sixers. With that being said, I now fear for Golden State. I know what I thought two years ago when the Warriors were playing the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. Kawhi could change the entire landscape of the NBA if he wins this Championship. Easily. One superstar on a team to win a championship? Huge legacy move. Instantly puts him in the conversation to be the best in the world.

I didn’t mention how much I respect his teammates, well, everyone not named Kyle Lowry. Let me throw that in there to maintain honesty. I’ve been shocked with his play lately. He’s come up in big moments and hasn’t come up short in back to back games like he used to. Then there’s Danny Green, Serge Ibaka, Marc Gasol, Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, the ascension of Norman Powell out of nowhere (or maybe he was the X Factor against the Bucks). Then there’s potential that OG Anunoby is coming back. So much defense. Let’s not ignore that the first 3 names I mentioned with Kawhi all came from the Western Conference. They’ve all seen the Warriors in the playoffs over the last several years. They have the experience of playing against the Warriors. They all come from good organizations and they were key in their many forms of success in the west. Ibaka used to be the Spurs kryptonite. The only one to dispel anything they’d do and the first since Kobe. I always felt like when the OKC Thunder traded Ibaka, there was no need for Kevin Durant to stay, they couldn’t stop the Warriors without Ibaka anyway.

The Raptors have a core of the same players who all have bad tastes in their mouths from losing to Golden State along with the hunger to win. I can’t really call this series either way but I’ve said Warriors in 6 because I’ve been a fan. It’s the safe choice. That doesn’t mean that the Raptors couldn’t win it in 5 or 6 games and come from the blindside like the 2004 Detroit Pistons did when NO ONE expected it. It’s time to eat or be eaten alive.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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