The Milwaukee Bucks/Warriors/Jazz

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael J Tolliver Jr)


I’m sure you’re asking whats up with the title. I’ll dive right into it. This is in an effort to diffuse all the garbage that is likely to follow this win. It may already be happening in some places. I’m almost sure of it. Let’s break it down.

Remember when the Warriors won the 2015 title and everybody said it was a fluke title? Remember how the Warriors came out swinging after they heard all of that garbage from NBA fanbases and national media members? They erupted. They ran off a 73 win season. All because people didn’t want to accept the fact that the Warriors were the champion and Steph Curry was the MVP. For so many, it was actually a blindside because they didn’t watch Steph Curry’s story develop. Klay, Draymond, Iggy, and the entire roster. They did not watch them until Steph was in the MVP race. They didn’t watch the failures. They only made Grant Hill comparisons and called Steph, “Glass Ankles”. Don’t be surprised if once that “fluke” talk comes out that the Bucks won’t surely arm themselves and elevate themselves to prove everyone wrong. Giannis is built to do exactly that.

Remember what Mike Conley looked like last season on the Jazz? Horrible season right? Do You know who looked similar this season in regards to the Bucks offense? Jrue Holiday. I hope you all watched the Jazz this season instead of hating on Mitchell and Gobert so hard that you dismissed them. Conley was the most efficient player on this team after having time with this team under his belt. I expect the exact same thing from Jrue Holiday. With Giannis in place, he’ll be able to bake himself into his true role and fill the needs of this team beyond his defensive acumen. He will be able to find his rhythm much easier. This Bucks team was built on continuity. Adding the pieces only solidified them. Keeping the acquisitions will only make them much more bulletproof going forward. The Brooklyn Nets will be the only worry. They’ll need a couple extra wing defenders plus more development of their offense, their continuity, and their role players. They’ll need to retain Portis and Tucker as well. With Giannis locked into his contract and not being a distraction or a disservice, anything is possible going forward for this team.

Lastly, I owe Mike Budenholzer an apology. He made the necessary adjustments this time around. I was hurling things out there, including a podcast about D’Antoni being a better fit for Giannis because he would bring the offense that they need around Giannis. This team got better when Giannis went down. Giannis was able to sit back and understand where he was most effective and truly unstoppable. His injury may have been a blessing in disguise. He seemed to be touched by God after he returned. Budenholzer looked like he went in his coaching bag when Giannis was out as well. Upon Giannis’ return, he immediately exploded in the Finals. He elevated his game above all others involved and also wrote his name in NBA history with this legendary Finals performance. I believe that Middleton, Holiday, and the rest of the Bucks figured out how to play with confidence and not fall off of a cliff when Giannis would leave the floor. They figured out how to go about it and found ways to execute. It also allowed Giannis to see his teammates in places on the floor that he usually didn’t see because he’s always in full on attack mode. This should pay dividends for other NBA players going forward that believe they are enough and only need the proper build around them. It finally paid off for Giannis to stay with the grind and not form a superteam in order to get over the hump. Patience is a virtue that is often overlooked.

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks! Enjoy this moment in history! It can never be taken away from you!


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