1-3, Russ.

By: Opinionated MJ
It could be the MVP story for ages. Could just be another loss and the end of this conversation. So now Russ has the opportunity to join the ranks of teams that have recently come from 1-3. Imagine what the James Harden memes would be. Would that be enough to say Russell is a great? No matter what the next series holds? What extent would you be willing to bet on Russell? I don’t think anyone would.

A miracle is probably the only thing to describe it. It would be something to add to a very impressive resume for ONE season thats full of many that the legends currently had that he’s taken over or tied. Plus Durant just left, that should put a multiplier on the true meaning of it all. We can clearly see who means much more to their team when it comes to winning. Russell takes too many shots? Then people want to criticize him. Let his teammates do their thing and he runs into questions from the media that I believe try to put a divide and teams and their star players as well. Good move Russ!

The thing we all really want to know is if you can actually turn this around and will your team to a series win. The hype lies within it. It solidifies you as one of the best when it comes to legendary single season performance…

Then the hate will come. The Harden fans will want to see your career ended after they go through another season where Harden was close. You’ll encounter LeBron & Steph level hate. You’ll be the face of what a competitor is in the NBA, in my opinion. We’ll see Harden fans waiting for another Player’s Choice Awards in complete anger.

 That’s where they will find their foundation to argue that Harden was “the REAL MVP!” He definitely wouldn’t be, not in this instance. From early reports, “Take that for data!”, you’re the frontrunner for the award.

So why not cap everything with a 1-3 comeback? Win or go home.



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