Real Quick: NBA Coaching Conundrum

By Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver)

I’ve got a few problems with the makeup of these organizations and the moves they’ve been making when it comes to coaching. I was shocked by the latest move by the Milwaukee Bucks to fire Jason Kidd. I believe in a few things when it comes to coaching, and the most important thing to me is development and building confidence. I’ll have to get to those later. There are more important things I’ve got to make clear first.

Support Your Superstar

What happened to the teams that know they must keep their star happy? What exactly happened here? Was Giannis in on the firing or did the organization just notify him? Did he tell them OK and “act” as if he was panicking to Kidd, or does he really want him there. I think it’s the latter. Jason Kidd was making a huge impact on the trajectory of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Kidd just helped the Bucks return to the playoffs and you’re already ready to cut him short? What has reportedly happened between him and the owner or the players that didn’t even allow him to be considered on the “hot seat” before receiving his pink slip? He told Giannis that all he could do to help him was to, “tell the truth”. This leads me to believe that if Giannis reveals anything in Kidd’s favor, I expect him to leave when his chance comes. I’ve seen this story play out too many times. Only Steve Kerr was able to help his team ascend and keep everyone in tow in the process. Plus none of the Warriors were considered the potential heir to LeBron James (or KD) in being the next best player in the world.

Business Comes Before Personal

What happened to the organizations that would at least wait till season’s end before they made drastic moves? Especially to a team that could potentially contend. Another big problem is that coaches have been thrown under the bus while their best players are hurt. Let me repeat that, coaches have been thrown under the bus and/or fired while their best players are hurt. This has always thrown teams off going forward. A few of the coaches who met an axe with injured stars were Mike Malone, Tom Thibodeau, David Fizdale, and now Jason Kidd. Malone had DeMarcus Cousins out, Thibs didn’t have Rose, Fizdale didn’t have Mike Conley, and Jason Kidd was missing Giannis for multiple games going forward and over the last couple of seasons, he’s not had Chris Middleton and Jabari Parker for extended periods. This team has very rarely been healthy and able to play at full strength.

Personal History

Some people, players, coaches, General Managers, assistant coaches, honestly everyone at some point in their lives doesn’t get a fair shake because someone is judging the others based upon reasons that actually don’t affect them in their workplace, in a business relationship, or in a friendship. Apparently Jason Kidd got the job because of his personal relationship with those in the Front Office, so now what’s to be made of it? If people from every profession can coexist and succeed, you don’t always have to like one another. I think we live in a much more sensitive time now where personal feelings has become more important in professional everything than simply putting together a successful team and being successful. It’s not great to be around a bunch of yes men who never test you or tell you truths. Hopefully the Bucks find their mid-season Steve Kerr or we’ll see the ramifications of impatience decimate them going forward. Anyone remember Phil Jackson being allowed to walk away from success while with the Lakers on his own? I also remember why they didn’t get him back but instead went with D’Antoni. We know everything that took place thereafter.

Good luck Bucks! Hopefully you haven’t destroyed Giannis chances to be 2018 MVP.


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