Skip Bayless Is Horrible For the Game Of Basketball

By Opinionated Reezy (Ronald Stovall)

I am aware that this is no longer the older days of (sports) journalism. The days where the facts were presented first and then opinion is long gone. We now have opinion first and then cherry-picked facts to back that claim. Journalists today would still hold some degree of foundational facts in their craft to allow themselves to be respected for their opinion. Skip Bayless; however, throws fact against the wall and just runs through whatever opinion he thinks to be true. This makes Skip Bayless horrible for the game of basketball โ€“ maybe even sports.

Remember, Skip Bayless believed Tim Tebow was going to box office, better than Kobe and Lebron

Skip Bayless does not really appreciate the game of Basketball. He does not truly understand it and yet he gets paid the big bucks to analyze it and provide commentary.

You are not great unless you make the final basket in a close game to win for the team night in and night out. Never mind, if your team is good enough to not be in those situations. Never mind if your team is structured to pass the ball and avoid tight situations.

People listen to Skip because he says the one thing that people will unanimously agree with, Michael Jordan is the GOAT. However, to do that he has tear down every player on that team and any player who would ever attempt to rise to greatness to considered in the conversation. This is not how Basketball works.

Remember, Skip Bayless believed Kobe Bryant should be ranked in the 90โ€™s in terms player ratings.

Basketball is a team sport and should always be reported that way. Yes, star players make the game exciting, but role players make the game watchable. Team play should be celebrated over individual contributors. The farce the Skip puts on night after night when talking about the game of basketball has to come to an end. It is great for comedy, but horrible for serious sports commentary.


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