The Fall and Rise

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver)

We all fall… To rise higher.

This is a dedication to a favorite player of mine, DeMarcus Cousins. I’m deeply saddened by the injury you suffered today. Ruptured Achilles. All I can think about is my all time favorite, Kobe Bryant, and all I can think of is that you have time and youth on your side. I cannot wait to see you return. I’m sure you’ll be back within the the 6-10 months projected. Re-sign with the Pelicans. Add pieces. I cannot wait to watch this team spread their wings once again.

I expected Anthony Davis to endure injuries. I didn’t expect those injuries to befall you DeMarcus. You’ve been more durable than Davis by far. Maybe you’ve exerted much more than we actually realize. Looking like a finesse Shaquille O’Neal. Living up to expectations. Pulling back a bit with your temper and showing unexpected growth. No one expected to see you initiating offense by basically being the point center on many plays. I watched you play in delight, knowing that you and Anthony Davis together, have what it takes to defeat the best.

What a way to fall. Against the mighty Rockets. Everyone sees them as a potential threat to Golden State, but I knew all along that the New Orleans Pelicans were the true threat to remind the league that you don’t have to have an all out three point shooting team in order to succeed. It’s not about following in footsteps. It’s about creating your own lane for others to chase. You have that here with Anthony Davis. There would be no way to match what you two create on the court. Spacing that I only see when watching the Warriors or Spurs. The Spurs don’t even have the same spacing anymore and if the Warriors aren’t shooting lights out, the floor isn’t spaced the way you and AD space the floor. It becomes isolation basketball for them.

Everyone was thinking that you or AD would get traded to Cleveland or Boston. No. Everyone thought that you two still wouldn’t be a playoff contender. They were wrong. You could’ve easily slipped into the top 3, top 4 in the west over the next 3-5 games. Everyone was asleep. They won’t see it coming next season either. Stay the course.

I wish you a speedy recovery. I pray you have a full recovery. The league is in need of a facelift. In need of a reminder that every position matters on the floor. I’ll be waiting for your return. I’ll be waiting to see you take the league by storm. The thing I like about you most is exceeding expectations and getting further than anyone imagined. You’ve got the heart that I only see in about 2 players other than yourself. Don’t lose sight of the prize. We all fall to rise higher than we ever expected. This is the Pelican jumping off the cliff, falling, in order to learn how to fly. I’ll be waiting for you all to rise.


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