By: Opinionated MJ

The league has forgotten that it takes 2. Yes, only two. Winning a championship is about having teammates that step up when it’s time to push on the gas. You need those players to make timely shots most importantly. The shots that help keep defenses honest, at least enough to free up your stars for constant attack.

It could be argued that LeBron & Kyrie were a two man show with Kevin being role player in certain games. He didn’t always “fully” complete the idea of them being a Big 3. The truth is, the NBA and it’s fans have forgotten about it simply talking 2.

Historically speaking:

Isiah & Joe D
Magic & Kareem
Bird & McHale
Jordan & Pippen
Kobe & Shaq
Malone & Stockton
Payton & Kemp
KG & Pierce


Harden & Chris Paul
Russell & Paul George
Lillard & McCollum
LeBron & Love
Simmons & Embiid
Curry & Thompson
DeRozan & Lowry
Wall & Beal

You centralize the building of your team around two pieces. I’m not saying other pieces aren’t as great individually, this is about hierarchy and order within offenses. The skill of the two stars determines their style of play. I don’t see any other combinations that are title contenders. The Raptors, Wizards, Warriors, Cavs, Rockets, Sixers, Thunder, and Blazers are the only teams I consider as true title contenders. They all have the foundation that would allow for them to really gel and make a run.

We can’t forget Iverson made a final. We can’t forget the 2004 Pistons. We can’t forget the 2011 Mavericks. We can’t forget LeBron in 2007. KD & Russell in 2012. We cannot forget that you don’t need an all-star team. You just need 2 great players. Don’t think they’re incapable of winning a championship.


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