LeBron the GOAT Within Next 2-5 Years?

By: Opinionated MJ (Michael Tolliver)

Maybe the within the next 3 months…

Now, we are truly all witnesses to greatness. I agree with LeBron saying he should be MVP, but he’s definitely not the first to be denied the award during a great year. Shaq, Kobe, Chris Paul, Kawhi, and others have deserved the award but the narrative didn’t call for them to be the winner. Yet and still, we have one of the best seasons from arguably the best in the game and he will not win the award. So what.

LeBron has been dominant this year. He has decided to take control of the ball more when it comes down to the last shot. He’s actually taking those shots now. Missing won’t hurt your legacy at all. I think he finally gets that. Yes, he averaged a triple double for a month and has been throwing up gaudy numbers, but then I can point to Russell Westbrook for doing it for an entire year and even flirting with repeating now. Not as MVP but by averaging a triple double, back to back. Russell won’t win it either but should be considered as well. So what.

LeBron is correct. He’s had a shuffling of teammates, lineup changes, injuries to his teammates, constant jelling, and now he’s dealing with coaching issues. Yes, Cleveland could fall in standings with a couple losses here and there to finish. Not even that matters. Even if Cleveland missed the playoffs, it wouldn’t hurt LeBron. The East still belongs to LeBron since 2011. He’s been there every year. I’ll give him that although it is the east. The warriors have been to 3 straight and their team is breaking down a bit. LeBron has made twice, almost triple the amount of finals straight than GS. That matters.

It’s simply appreciating his greatness while he’s still here. He’s doing Jordan/Kobe fadeaways now. He’s making tough shots. He’s increased his percentage from the 3. He’s worked hard to incorporate guys all year and is still the one to beat in the Eastern Conference. I can see a potential upset, but that may only come to Philadelphia with full health. Everyone else still look like Eastern Conference folders to me. This year could add to his legacy. If he can fight through, make this year’s finals, and win?!?! We have no choice but to put him in the conversation. It won’t take 2-5. It’ll be this June if that were to happen. Don’t ever sleep on him. He might average 45 and have players making timely shots. Landing another one in Cleveland with no #2 superstar would change the narrative across the league. He would be the one that fully ushered in the Superteam era… He would also be the one to kill it.

Huge stakes for LeBron this year. Somehow, catching Jordan is always put in front of him every year, one way or another. Dare disagree.


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