Real Quick: Once a Big Warrior Fan… Admitted LeBron Respecter, but Hater…

By: Opinionated MJ

I, waffle. 

I’ve been rooting for the Warriors strongly since Steph got drafted. I remember watching the draft and NYC being upset they didn’t land him. I know some of their history back to Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, and C-Webb. I’ve been a Steph fan. Some have looked at me like a bandwagon fan but I’ve been there, hearing about Steph Curry becoming the next Grant Hill. I heard he wouldn’t become anything but a shooting specialist. I liked the Klay Thompson pick up. Just look at what he’s become. Let’s not mention the Iggy deal, the David Lee & Bogut pick ups that made them relevant during their rise through the abyss, and acquiring Shaun Livingston. In hindsight, these were big moves, especially for a few of them who could’ve just given up on basketball due to injury. The way Livingston broke his leg was absolutely gruesome. Same for Bogut, I remember seeing his fall on his arm on constant replay… I remember like it was the day before yesterday. They draft Draymond Green and hope that he develop into something. I support him because he’s another man that successfully made it out of Michigan. You can literally be stuck if you play it safe and not want to leave to better your life. He made it! I heard things like, “He’s the next Eddy Curry. He won’t maintain his weight. Just watch.” They had no haters. They had not competed. No one believed they would be a threat. Then they began to take on the Chris Paul Clippers and the Tim Duncan Spurs, and they became better through failure. They fought through different sets of Steph Curry branded glass ankles and kept rising slowly. Mark Jackson developed them very well but even he wouldn’t be the one who would bring them to the promised land. They hired Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr changed some of the rotation and that led to them finally winning a championship! After all the criticism, jokes, quotes about them being too young, Steph not being the real MVP, and I could go on and on. They were told that they were a fluke, then they went on to win 73 games. Made the finals, lost Draymond to a LeBron tear, yes like crying tears, especially when he didn’t actually intend to hit him before the belt. I would’ve fought LeBron. He had much more court to use to avoid walking over him. What’s done is done. Which leads me to this… I’m sick of hearing about any LeBron team, and the Warriors. Maybe I’ll be interested when playoffs come. This article makes me sound like a GS fan. I was. I am. I want Durant to win a ring. I also wouldn’t mind my Pistons, Russell Westbrook, Boston, Carmelo, and even the Clippers, winning a championship. I’m just sick of the narrative that it’s only these two. Golden State could legitimately lose in the first round. That is how strong and unpredictable the west is. LeBron will be there, easy peasy. He’s now landed Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut. This is… Wait, I need room for this statement…


You better not lose. Golden State better make it. Right? The NBA world will turn on its head to any other outcome. I actually prefer the other happening this time around. It’s time that a new threat arise.


6 thoughts on “Real Quick: Once a Big Warrior Fan… Admitted LeBron Respecter, but Hater…

  1. It’s been weak cause all the meat is in the West. The leftovers are out East. The players and teams that fold like Atlanta did last night, are all out East. You seen the Washington game against Cleveland? They folded and Bron was fouled out. You put GS in the east and Cleveland out west, GS would go to the finals, hell, the clippers would make it. Cleveland would see Memphis, San Antonio, Houston… If they made the finals coming from west, they’d be tired by then.


    1. There are 3 championship contenders in the west and 1 in the east. The Celtics, Wizards,and Raptors are close to being contenders they just need another piece.I agree it is easier for the Cavs to make the finals right now but as LeBron gets older it’s going to get harder and harder every year.In the next few years the bucks look like they could become a contender also. You can’t take away from Lebron’s accomplishments because of the current state of the east .Major injuries to superstars have been in Lebron’s favor . Injuries to Paul George and Derick Rose derailed any competition he would have in the east.It is just a testament to Lebron’s amazing conditioning .

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  2. Nice article even though it is heavily gsw bias. I am also tired of the GSW CAVS narrative.There are so many other great stories in the NBA right now but all the media talks about is the Cavs and Golden state. I do think this is the best team LeBron has had on paper.I think that the 2013 heat team may be a bit better due to team chemistry but not by much.I don’t really agree with the whole the east being weak is the only reason LeBron gets to the finals.Putting him on any west team and he would still make the finals.Maybe not as easily but he would. Players would still leave their teams to play with him.In the last 10 years the east have won 4 and the west have won 6 championships.It isn’t that unbalanced.

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      1. In these last 6 years we have seen many up and coming east teams crumble around LeBron . First the Pistons ,then the Celtics ,the Magic and the the Pacers.LeBron is the only constant .LeBron has bent the conference to his will.The east is seen as weak because LeBron has made it that way .It just shows how great he is and why he gets compared to all-time greats.He is hands down the best overall player in the last 10 years . No one else comes close imo.


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